73% Of Americans Support The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Founding Fathers

Do you need more proof that a majority of Americans support the Right to Keep and Bear Arms? What about the results of a Gallup poll, which were reported in a March 27, Gallup.com article. The poll shows that an overwhelming majority of the United States public … 73% … believes that the Second Amendment guarantees the right of Americans to own firearms.

For most real Americans, these results come as no surprise. In fact, the Gallup poll reflects comparable results from a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation telephone poll carried out from December 6 to December 9 in 2007, which found that 65% of Americans believed the Constitution guarantees the right of Americans to own firearms.

Other recent polls have shown that Americans support gun rights. A Zogby International poll for Associated Television News, conducted between December 13 and December 17 in 2007 found that 27% of voters would be more likely to support a candidate endorsed by NRA (through its PAC, NRA Political Victory Fund). That survey showed that NRA ranks above Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, the AFL-CIO, Oprah Winfrey, and Barbara Streisand in influencing voters! And another Zogby International poll conducted earlier in 2007 found that 66% of the American voting public rejects the idea that new gun control laws are needed.

The results of this latest poll make clear where the majority of Americans stand, and confirm what other polls have consistently shown: Americans overwhelmingly support firearm rights and ownership.

10 thoughts on “73% Of Americans Support The Right To Keep And Bear Arms”

  1. Darren, let’s just hope the leaders are happy to allow the public their arms. I suspect they are looking for some way of disarming them. They’re going to have a bit of a fight on their hands judging by these figures though. It may not be pretty.
    By the way, I’m blogrolling you. 🙂

  2. owning guns is not the problem… the problem is the people… as u can see, americans are having a hard time figuring out whether they should shoot people or not… for no reason!!! when they shoot an innocent person, they wonder why they can’t have a gun!!!! WOW!!! apparently the problem is americans missing a BRAIN!!! shoot da bad guy, not schools, or ur neighbor, or teacher… shoot a person that has a gun and is about to shoot you… that would make more sense…. it probably might not make much sense to you if ur american, but hopefully with the world praying for you, you might understand one day… until then, keep wishing you had a gun…..

    this is a brief message for AMERICANS!!!!

  3. Guns are not the problem its the crinimals being relased too early and politicians who are more concerned with getting themselves in the news that is one of the ral problems

  4. I find the use of 9-11 distasteful, especially because giving guns to plane passengers would definitely cause more problems than it would solve. (think of panicky passengers, discharging their weapons every time someone says bomb, causing cabin decompression)

    That aside, I wonder how you can equate, “I believe the second amendment means something,” with, “I support what the second amendment means,” and then get that mixed up with “I support the NRA just as much.”

    Seems like two fully-automatic six-barreled leaps of logic to me.

    1. That’s ok. I find a lot of things left-wingers say distasteful. The anti-gun rhetoric of “wild west” shootouts with “bullets flying wild” occurring whenever law-abiding citizens are allowed to carry their legaly owned handguns to protect themselves is an old argument that plays on the fear and emotions of the ignorant. They have never occured! The tragic shootings that have occurred, however, have been perpetrated by individuals who should have already been in prison, or if the current laws had been properly enforced, would not have been able to buy that gun, or by young people whose parents had a vested “disinterest” in their children’s lives. But hey … I guess it is far easier to blame the gun than to address the real root issues at cause such as destruction of our morals and our value system, children being raised by bad TV and worse video games, teachers who cannot discipline their students, parents who do not support their childrens teachers … and the propensity of liberal-progressives to blame everyone and everything except the one who committed the act.

      So I guess, somehow, I am not surprised you cannot follow the logic …

    1. Yep … absolutely … fear of this great country becoming just another unremarkable, unsustainable, socialist nanny state! And of course, people like you always find anyone who believes in the founding principles of this country (such as individualism, courage, morality, freedom, personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, ect) warped. And also as usuall, all you can do is sit back and name-call. No intelligent dicussion or valid counter-arguments!

      Which is why, in the end, you will lose …

      1. But all what you say is counterweighted by the fact that if you repeal the right to bear arms for every citizen, regardless of whether they are law abiding or not, makes a society safer. it would make policing violence easier, since law enforcement agencies would be able to act on the knowledge that anyone bearing firearms (say a pistol or semi automatic assault rifle), is a very likely a potential felon. Of course, having a gun license for a hunting rifle (say a bolt action one) is OK, since any potential nutter who is likely to go on a spree wouldn’t be able to press and hold the trigger.

      2. Unfortunately for you, that facts do not support your claims. In 2001, the UK had approximately 6,000,000 illegal hand guns after banning them in 1997. Fully automatic weapons, (allowing a nutter to press and hold the trigger) are already illegal. All crime statistics clearly show that states and communities with concealed carry permits have dramatically lower violent crime rates than states and communities that do not … Washington D.C., Detroit, and Chicago are prime examples of cities where only the felons have guns and they have the highest crime rates in the Country.

        Two more points:

        1) If you can repeal the 2nd Amendment, it will be no problem for other “ideologically-driven big government” supporters to also appeal the 1st, and 3rd thru 10th amendments … so much for your freedoms!
        2) The main purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to allow the armed populace to resist a government that has become corrupt and tyrannical in nature and attempts to trample or circumvent the inalienable rights and freedoms enumerated and validated by the U.S. Constitution.

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