Liberal National Insecurity

Axis of Evil

Syria Nuclear Site

Looks like President George Bush may be getting a little vindication after all the fuss liberals made out of his “Axis of Evil” comments about Iran, Iraq, and North Korea and their support of terrorism and pursuit of weapons of mass destruction. John Bolton, then United States UN Ambassador, when beyond the “axis of evil” to include by including Libya, Syria, and Cuba in this group.

U.S. intelligence officials will show members of Congress a videotape and other supporting evidence to prove their case that Syria was building a nuclear reactor with North Korean assistance. Those gutsy Israelis bombed the site in September 2007 as a preemptive national defense measure.

Intelligence officials claim the evidence is very clear and compelling and that it comes from a variety of sources, and … not just Israeli intelligence.

The Syrian reactor was similar in design to a North Korean reactor that has in the past produced small amounts of plutonium, the official said. It was not yet complete but was far enough along to demonstrate a resemblance to the North Korean reactor at Yonbyon.

It seems that Syria had not reported the site to the International Atomic Energy Agency nor was it under international safeguards, possibly putting Syria in breech of an international nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Why would they act this way if it were legitimate and non-military in nature? Maybe we should ask Nancy Closing … she is on great terms with the Syrians.

Plutonium-producing reactors are of international interest because plutonium can be used to make high-yield nuclear weapons … and we all know how liberals like fight for the right for terrorists to build their own nuclear weapons.

Open Borders

96 Border Patrol Officers have been killed by violent criminals coming here to “do the jobs most Americans won’t do.”

Open Borders 1

Open Borders 2

These photos show how easy it is along many sections of our southern border to cross into this country. Are these the footprints of a terrorist, a drug smuggler, or just some hard working hispanic families? The real problem is, we have no way to know who they are or where they’re actually from. They could just as easily be Al-Qaeda or Hamas terrorists as they could be hard working Hispanic families! … how would you know? …. how can you tell?

While generous budgets are allotted to massive social service programs to support these illegal immigrants, our national security is literally left wide open. Millions have crossed in remote places such as these while many of our elected representatives have ignored the problem to get re-elected,  bowed to anti-American political pressure, or even worse … knowingly looked the other way.

It’s time for those who have benefited from this influx of cheap illegal immigrant labor and the government agencies who cater to these illegal immigrants be brought to task by the American people … the interest and security of the United States citizens should always be first consideration of our government.  That was the founders point in creating a federal government to begin with.

For an accurate real time count of the illegals crossing our borders go to ImmigrationCounters.Com

This disturbing video clearly shows illegal alien children freely crossing a US Border Patrol Checkpoint in Arizona to attend US public schools. Now, I am not advocating persecuting or prosecuting children … but where do it all end?  School bus service, free breakfast and lunch programs and a full range of public services are provided these illegal alien children. Could it be the fact that school budgets are based on attendance levels, that the school district or their teachers union mind this situation at all? This same kind of scenario is being repeated across our nation every day …. at the expense of our children.

This telling video exposes statements made by some of the leaders of the illegal alien movement, many of which are our own elected officials and academic leaders. Why are these individuals fostering such division and anger in a country that has traditionally welcomed legal immigrants. Many of their statements are outright falsehoods, but then again liberals have never let the “facts get in the way of a good story.”  The fact is that the Mexican government’s ceded the barren and undeveloped border land to America for $15M in the “Treaty of Guadalupe” and in return , the U.S. forgave all the Mexican debt owed America. Here’s a link to these historical facts; .

These individuals are simply trying to blur the lines between legal and illegal, to dismantle the borders to create a new voter base for themselves.

Americans have nothing against LEGAL IMMIGRATION, we all immigrated here from somewhere else! But the unchecked influx of illegal immigrants, many of them criminals, if having a disastrous effect on our country, its economy, and our national security …. it must be stopped. Contact your Senators and Congressman … let them know where you stand!

4 thoughts on “Liberal National Insecurity”

  1. Darren, this is stunning information,especially about the deaths of all those border patrol agents! It brings to mind the travesty of justice re: Ramos and Compean, the agents rotting in an American jail for shooting and wounding an illegal, drug-smuggling alien. What in Heaven’s name is going on here?
    I think I’m going to have to link to you on this.

  2. Darren,

    Good piece on illegal immigration. There’s a couple of comments I’d make from a British/European perspective and an international one.

    First, stopping illegal immigration is a matter of political will power. True, it is difficult to police a large land border but in the UK we have no land border (aside from N. Ireland & Southern Ireland which is open) and despite this we still suffer from massive illegal immigration. They arrive hidden in trucks, in boats or via our airports! How difficult can it be catching these people?

    There seems to be a collective loss of determination to confront this problem from every western democracy. I’m not a conspiracy theorist by nature but why is it that the Government’s of North America and Europe seem incapable of doing something about it?

    The second point I wanted to make and which you didn’t cover concerns so called ‘legal immigration’; to be specific the category covering political asylum. I don’t know what the situation is in the US but the definition is so wide in the UK as to allow anyone who fears persecution in their home country, the right of entry. Now that’s fine if we’re talking about some persecuted human rights activist but it now includes all manner of dissenters and activists who are themselves anti democratic…who don’t believe in the very ‘western’ laws they invoke to claim asylum! We end up in the situation whereby we harbour Islamic extremists who can’t go back to say ‘Jordan’ because the Jordanian Government will put them on trial, or Saudis who think the Saudi Government isn’t Islamic enough!!
    We’ve even ended up in the situation that the British Royal Navy doesn’t bother arresting pirates off Somalia because guess what: although they can be tried for pricacy after their sentence they can apply for asylum because it would be infringing their human rights to send them back to area they might feel unsafe!!

    The bottom line is we have allowed in criminals and given political undesirables entry. It’s gone too far.

    I’ll bet that the same is happening in the US too i.e. abuse of the asylum laws to get ‘legal’ entry.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Phil!

    You raise some interesting points and they definitely deserve attention and discussion. It seems almost like the western nations have lost the will to defend their own way of life. Does it stem from the effort to be all things for all people … we know this would be an impossibility that is doomed to failure … or is it simply a lack of guts leading to appeasement.

    Where are the Winston Churchhills and Teddy Roosevelts of our generation? Or are we doomed to become servants of Islam because of the capitulation of American and Western ideals by left-wing,secular-progressive liberals?

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