Still More Liberal Lunacy

Democrats claim drilling for oil will not increase supply!

Question: How do we increase the supply of oil?  Answer: Drill for more.   Seems pretty basic to most clear thinking individuals.  However, the Democrats in control of Congress are still looking for someone to blame … rather than take any affirmative action!  Typically, they have also shifted positions as the absurdity of their arguments became clear to people who have taken the time to think them through.

First Democrats, under Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, wasted a great deal of valuable time debating a carbon cap-and-trade scheme that would have raised gasoline prices even more!  Thankfully … that lunacy crashed and burned.

Then they began to blame the oil companies for the rise in gasoline prices and proposed another windfall profits tax on oil companies.  They, of course, shoose to ignore the fact that much of the profits generated by oil companies are used for finding new sources of oil and to dividends paid out to retirement and pension funds.  They have yet to explain how taxing oil companies will produce more oil and lower the price of gasoline at the pumps.

When that strategy failed, they next began to blame “speculators” for the rise in oil prices.  And … many shallow-thinking Republicans jumped on that bandwagon as well.  But, the fact that some investors “bet” on whether oil prices will go up  … or down … actually has very little to do with why those prices go up and down!

Finally, when it became apparent … even to those doggedly determined to ignore the facts … that the global demand for oil is greater than the available supply  (you know … that darned old capitalistic supply and demand rule), they finally landed on a shortage in the supply of oil.

And their answer … no new drilling!  We will all simply have to drive windpowered cars.  Democrats did  demand President Bush release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve … ignoring the key word “strategic”  … meaning for national emergency use only.

New York Senator Charles Schumer even demanded that other oil-producing nations increase the production to lower prices in America …!  Come on Chuck … are you really that stupid?  Do we really want to continue to rely on the goodwill of the Saudis or Hugo Chavez … ?   Why not rely on ourselves … and increase our own supply?

Barack Obama now points to success of the surge as proof that he was right on Iraq!

He can make this assertion because Barack Obama has a much higher intellect and superior judgment … not like us mere mortals!  I mean after all … some liberal editorial writers even claim he is the new Messiah and will lead the world to global nirvana!  I tend to disagree … however, that’s another story.  Here are someof his past statements about the surge in Iraq:

“I don’t think the president’s strategy is going to work.  We went through two weeks of hearings on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; experts from across the spectrum … military and civilian, conservative and liberal … expressed great skepticism about it.  My suggestion to the president has been that the only way we’re going to change the dynamic in Iraq and start seeing political commendation is actually if we created a system of phased redeployment.  And, frankly, the president, I think, has not been willing to consider that option, not because it’s not militarily sound but because he continues to cling to the belief that somehow military solutions are going to lead to victory in Iraq.”

Even after proof of the surge’s success continued to grow, Obama stated “My assessment is that the surge has not worked.” 

However … on his recent “Tour of Duty,” Obama stated that the success of the surge is simply proof that his position on a phased redeployment of troops in Iraq has been correct right along!  How he makes that connection must simply be beyond the intellect of us mere mortals … !  That sad fact, for me,  is that some people even fall for this nonsense!

On another note … Barack Obama, in a comment about McCain’s campaign advertisment portraying him as a Rock Star / Celebrity  like Britney Spears  or Paris Hilton … is accusing John McCain of not carrying on a serious political debate.  Isn’t this the same Barack Obama that refused to have a series of townhall debates with John McCain earlier in the campaign?  Hmmmmmm!

Racist Climate Change?

Guess what folks … Climate change is no longer just an environmental issue. It’s now an issue of race, at least according to some global warming activists and policy makers.

“It is critical our community be an integral and active part of the debate because African-Americans are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change economically, socially and through our health and well-being,” House Majority Whip James Clyburn, D-S.C., said July 29.

Clyburn, who spoke at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., to help launch the Commission to Engage African-Americans on Climate Change, a project of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.  

A report by the EJCC (Environmental Justice and Climate Change) claims African-Americans are more vulnerable to the effects of climate change.  The goup describes itself as a “climate justice” advocacy group.

“Though far less responsible for climate change, African-Americans are significantly more vulnerable to its effects than non-Hispanic whites,” the report says. “Health, housing, economic well-being, culture, and social stability are harmed from such manifestations of climate change as storms, floods, and climate variability.

The report goes on to state that, “African-Americans are also more vulnerable to higher energy bills, unemployment, recessions caused by global energy price shocks, and a greater economic burden from military operations designed to protect the flow of oil to the U.S.”

The commission Clyburn helped launch claims Hurricane Katrina’s impact on New Orleans was a preview of how global warming will affect African-Americans.

While the report admits that individual storms cannot be linked specifically to climate change, some scientists warn that warmer waters may foster-more intense storm. A paper on the commission’s efforts, authored by Michel Gelobter, Carla Peterman and Azebuilke Akaba said that, “The flooding of New Orleans still highlights the vulnerability of the African-American community to types of extreme weather events expected with global climate change.”

Glad to hear there were no poor white folks in New Orleans!

4 thoughts on “Still More Liberal Lunacy”

  1. Hello,

    I never thought I would say this as I am a Democrat, however I can not let go of the fact that our nation as a whole has not found a compromise on the oil situation. Not to point out or blame either party as I feel it should be handled by both.

    Also, on the “African-American” comments from EJCC, I am, as a non-hispanic white person, appauled by the the thought that reverse racisim is in play more and more in this country. What should be said is that “lower income” people are more subject to climate change, see how I did that, no remark toward race, how hard was that…

  2. Hello Jim,

    To work to solve the oil issue we, as citizens, need to hear the truth from our congressional representatives and see “real” action taken … and not simply squabbling over who is at fault.

    I could not agree more with your comments about the EJCC’s findings. Lower income families (regardless or race) are going to be hit harder by “climate change.” This was basically the thrust of my comments … if you read between the lines so to speak.

    Thanks for your comments!


  3. Thank you Darren,

    I appreciate the feed back. I just read an article that talks about the oil drilling and how long it will take to make an impact and was shocked to learn it would be 7 to 10 years.

    I totally understood your meaning and want some one to ask Senator Obama or question comments made such as “Black fathers need to be better fathers” as he made on Fathers day this year. Tell me, does that sound like a racist remark? I think it does, but if Mr. McCain said that it would be all over for him.

    Just as an FYI, I am a Democrat, and like to say I am liberal, however, I have no problem with someone else stating there thoughts in a consertive manner or thought process.

    Thanks again!!


  4. Wow…I never knew the environment was so racist! I’m so disappointed that climate is behaving with such racial prejudice. Maybe we need to curb carbon emissions AND provide the environment with sensitivity training.

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