Obama On, “Putting Children First”

Obama’s Education Secretary, Arne Duncan, stated at a discussion on education in Cedar Falls, Iowa that “today… if children don’t have the skills to graduate, we condemn them to social failure and poverty.”   

And … in fact, Obama’s administation has already committed S100 billion to inprove our  American education system.  I wonder who is going to actually get that money … the NEA?

Probably so, because “good old Arne” decided, a few weeks back,  not to admit any new students to the D.C. voucher program; a program which has initially shown itself to be succcessful in allowing low-income children to get a better education by attending private schools … instead of the failed, violent, drug-dealer infested, gang ridden Washington, D.C. public school system.

The  decision … made just a week after 200 families had been told that their children were being awarded scholarships for the coming fall …  was made despite a new study showing some promising initial results for students in the program and before the Senate has had a chance to hold promised hearings on the issue.  

Yet again, it seems that even with all the talk during Obama’s campaign about putting children first; it’s clear that the special interest groups that have long opposed vouchers (for example, the NEA), are getting their way.

Even when I try to find something good to say about Barack Obama and his administration, he invariably pulls the rug out from under that attempt.  

Obama is quickly proving to me that he is truly nothing more than another politically correct, coldly calculating, successful career politician who has simply risen to power on his charisma … a secular humanist bent on creating a new America based on big government, wealth redistribution, and the suppression of individual rights. 

Naturally, this would have to include the right to send your children to a school of your choice … where they might get a good education … and not be preyed on by drug dealers and gang bangers.  

I sometimes wonder why there is not more outrage within the  Black and Hispanic communities at Barack Obama  for his betrayal of these two ethnic groups who voted overwhelmingly for him.  I would think that this is an issue that would be  of real importance to both those communities, as well as the American community as a whole.  Maybe they are still under the influence of the Obama Cool Aid … and still chanting …..

The simple truth is that this Hope and Change president has destroyed the chances of a good education for minority children in high risk areas like Washington, D.C.   Barack Obama’s administration has ended the Hope for Washington, D.C. area children who were able to attend private schools, some of which were on the verge of graduating.  The Change is that they will now be back in the failed public school system.

Some of these fortunate children who had recieved vouchers were even able to attend the Sidwell Friends School, a D.C. area private school where Obama sends his own children.  From his campaign speeches, one might have thought Obama would break the elitist mold … step up … and maybe even lead by example by enrolling his children into the same public schools he is now condemning these children to … since  those vouchers, which  allowed some families to make up the difference and send their children to this $29000 per year private school, are now history.

When Obama signed that Omnibus Spending Bill several weeks back, he put into effect legislation that had been included by several congressional democrats that will effectively end the school voucher program, and send almost 2000 mainly Black and Hispanic school children back to the failed, violent, and poorly-performing D.C. public schools.  He has, in effect, ended one of the  rare federal programs which has actually achieved some success.

It would be interesting to hear Obama’s reasoning for this action.  Obama could have vetoed this pork-laden Omnibus Spending Bill for several reasons.   He could simply have told Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that he would not allow a program that was achieving measurable success in providing quality education to “at risk” American children to be cancelled.

But … and I guess not suprisingly … Obama went right along with Nancy Pelosi’s radical left-wing anti-American political agenda and signed a bill that took the real  Hope  out of the future of these children.  Why you might ask  … I will tell you why … simply because the powerful teachers unions oppose it and the Republicans had originally initiated it.

The real injustics of this action by Obama and the liberal democratic elitists in congress is that while they seem perfectly willing to send these “at risk” children back to the violent, drug-ridden hell that is the  D.C.  public schools, you can bet your bottom dollar they would never consider sending their own children to those same schools.  They are clearly stating that these schools are good enough for your children … but not for theirs!  I ask you … what happened to “change we need?”

The simple fact is, we stilll have business as usual in Washington.

President Obama has stated he will make the public schools in this country a place where all children can get a decent education, and that this will end the need for any voucher programs.

I call on Barack Obama to prove he’s serious about improving the public school systems throughout America.  I would really like to see him put his money where his mouth is!  He could begin by enrolling his two daughters in a Washington, D.C. public school, and urging those members of Congress who are for shutting down the voucher program to do the same.  At least then, they would have some real motivation to improve those school systems.



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