A few more random thoughts …

~ So … the U.S. Post Offlice lost something over $8 billion last year. Tell me again why we want to give the government even more money and let them manage our healthcare?

~ Business-as-usuall Republicans better wise up! There can be no compromises with socialists who hate individual freedom and want to destroy our country. America wants Obamacare repealed, the Bush tax cuts made permanent, and out-of-control government spending ended. We have to live within our budgets and so do you. If… you like your cushy job … better get back to your conservative principles!

~ I find it interesting that George Soros is unhappy with his puppet’s (Barack Obama) progress in advancing the Soros agenda for a new and improved socialist America.  He has threatened to pull funding from Obama and look for a new Messiah to carry his flag. Doesn’t Soros live in France?

~ I am so glad Nancy Pelosi is going to try and remain active and serve as House Minority Leader.  Conservatives should be very happy with that and support her.  I believe it can only aid us and damage the liberal left even more.

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