Obama … a complete failure!

After massively increasing our country’s debt, President Barack Obama soundly scolds republicans and teaparty members for “causing” the financial crisis and the grid lock that surrounds it. It is so sad it is almost funny … that Obama has presented no plan to Congress to fix the crisis.  His administration has not even approved a budget since he was elected (which is a constitutional requirement if I am not mistaken).  Instead, Obama just points fingers of blame at Republicans and the wealthy; who, by the way, already pay about half the nation’s taxes.

This should not be a surprise to any of us. Obama’s administration is long on setting lofty, impractical goals and placing blame … but short on any real action.

Obama is really good at delegating and setting others up to  take the fall for failed policies.  Just look at the stimulus bill fiasco. Obama made an extravagant show of things, stating much he wanted to spend and how many new jobs he wanted to create. However, he then left things to Pelosi to run … and we see how well that has worked.

Obama took the same approach with the healthcare bill, letting Democrats in Congress come up with a disastrous plan that is already increasing healthcare costs and causing doctors and insurance companies to close up shop and head for the hills.

Remember Obama claiming his budgets would fundamentally shift America from an era of “borrow and spend” to “save and invest.” The truth, however has been somewhat different.  Under Obama, the federal debt has risen from 53 percent of GDP in 2009 to 72 percent this year. 

The truth is Obama is greatly responsible for continuing the very problem he is scolding republicans and teaparty members for. He presents no plan himself, yet he ridicules them for standing fast in their serious efforts at real spending cuts, hard spending caps, and a balanced budget.  It is interesting to note that the Simpson-Boles debt commission, appointed by Obama himself, recommended many of the same steps that are included in the House’s Cut, Cap & Balance plan.   Of course, Obama ignored is own commission as well!

Obama also promised an administration that would govern in a bipartisan manner. After listening to Republican approaches to stimulating the economy, he simply dismissed almost all of them and went right back to the divisiveness of the past, and is still blaming the Bush administration for all his woes three years into his own presidency.

And what a team Obama has assembled! His attorney general, Eric Holder, got real busy prosecuting the very people who, under President Bush, got Obama the information he would later use to single-handedly “get” Usama Bin Laden (it seems the Navy SEALS could never have done it without Obama’s community organizer expertise). 

Now Obama is busy helping cover up the incompetentcy of Eric Holder for such ill-conceived acts as the “fast and furious” ATF scandal, as well as the incompetency of Janet Napolitano and her homeland insecurity team for the criminal neglect of the problems along America’s border with Mexico.  This incompetency is exemplified in so many ways; by TSA agents having to grope babies or search a 93-year-old leukemia victim’s soiled diaper, allowing likely “terrorist candidates” easy access to flights with stolen and expired boarding passes, herding American sheeple through huge scanning machines that are causing cancer in the TSA agents using them, and refusing to let security experts “screen” passengers who are more likely to be terrorists … like Arabic males between the ages of 19 and 35.  When was the last time an Israeli plane was hijacked?

You know … the real and only reason Obama and his left-wing cronies want amnesty passed for illegal immigrants is for the instant huge voting block it will give his campaign in the next election.  I am just saying …

Hey Obama! President Bush is long gone. You are the chief executive officer of this country now, meaning you are responsible for devising and implementing policies. The buck stops with you! 

Hmmm! Guess he can’t hear me.

Obama has played at being a president while enjoying the perks … golf, insanely expensive vacations at tax-payer expense.  He has ignored the responsibilities of the job; no plans, no budgets, no alternatives … just finger pointing; making him a complete failure as a president.

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