Rick Perry Comes Out Swinging

I agree with Governor Perry!  Obama, Bernanke, Reid, and Pelosi are treasonous.  They are destroying this country in an attempt to “fundamentally transform” it into their version of a socialist nanny state.  They are enemies of the state who have managed to worm  their way into positions of power by deception and untruths … and they are very dangerous to a stable, free, and independent America!  It is about time we had somebody unafraid to speak the plain truth.

Here is a link to the story on the Blaze:


Bernanke’s Keynesian financial strategy is a disaster and destroying our country. Ramping up the priniting press will only make things worse. We have had enough of the PC congressional doublespeak. We need simple words, common sense actions, real but carefully administered spending cuts, and a balanced budget … we need to give Obama and his socialist cronies the pink slip!  If saying so (according to Biden and some other liberal elitists) makes me a terrorist … so be it!

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