Compromise My $#&!!

When are republican congressional representatives going to quit selling out their own country?  This debt compromise is nothing but a sick joke and any Republican who points to it and says proudly, “look what we did,” should be fired on the spot. 

This “wonderful” compromise cuts $2 trillion dollars over the next 10 years (which is meaningless to an administration that ignores the rules of law).  But … just suppose … even if the administration were to actually stick with it; the government is now overspending about $1.5 trillion per year.  Let’s do the math!  Shall we?

$1.5 trillion (now over spending) x 10 years = $15 trillion

$15 trillion – $2 trillion (wonderful debt compromise) = $13 trillion (Hmmmm!)

So, in 10 years and after this compromise, we will be an additional $13 trillion in debt.  Now … that is what I call real debt reduction!! 

Obama‘s own debt commission, the Simpson-Bowles Commission on debt reduction, recommended at least a $4 trillion reduction in debt.  Incidentally, this is also what S&P  was looking for to NOT LOWER OUR COUNTRY’S CREDIT RATING! 

Of course Obama, being Omniscient and Omnipotent, ignored his own debt commission.  But, what the hell … that’s no problem for Obama; his media machine  just blamed it all on the Tea Party … and we all know Americans are too stupid to see through even such an obvious lie!  Just ask Al Gore, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer, or John Kerry!  They have a long history of success with dispensing the Cool Aid to non-thinking Americans.

Paul Ryan did not ignore Obama’s debt commission … his plan was basically based on it.  He simply added language for a balanced budget amendment.  The reaction by progressive-liberal leaders to Ryan’s plan was really something to behold … wailing, tearing of clothes, gnashing of teeth, yanking hair out by the roots, demagoguery!  I think Nancy Pelosi’s head spun 360 degrees on her neck and verbal green bile spewed forth from her mouth.

And, of course, progressive-liberals rolled out their usual list of lies about Republicans wanting to kick autistic babies, the mentally challenged, and tottering old grandmothers out into the streets to block any truly meaningful and fiscally responsible compromise.  And so … here we are today … still up to our national eyebrows in a debt which is still increasing at a dangerous rate. 

The really funny thing is that, when the U.S. actually does go bankrupt from these fiscally irresponsible, progressive-liberal economic policies; autistic babies, the mentally challenged, and tottering old grandmothers actually will be in the streets and we will have feral, entitlement-addicted youths rioting in the streets like Great Britain has.  We will be “exceptional;” just like they are; just like Obama wants!  

But … again, it will all be OK … we will just blame the Tea Party!  WaHahahaha!

RINOs and corporatist Republicans do not seem to get it; that you cannot compromise with an opposing “win at any cost” mentality. Especially when those compromises consistently take you closer to your own demise.  It is like jumping off a sky scraper and then trying to compromise about whether you hit the sidewalk in 5, 7, or 10 seconds.  Does it really matter?

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