Chicago Tribune Tells Obama: Do Not Run!

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I rarely find myself agreeing with left-wing democrats, but sometimes the opportunity presents itself … even if idea is approached from different perspectives.  The “Anointed One” received a message on Monday from Steve Chapman, a veteran columnist for the Chicago Tribune, in an OP/ED piece saying, “please don’t run for re-election.”

And … this is the same Chicago hometown newspaper that endorsed Obama when he descended from on high to bring us all “hope and change”  in 2008.  Can you say … “oops!?”

Now, I understand that Steve Chapman wants Hillary to run! It is the progressive-liberal’s (i.e. communists who have bought out the democratic party) only chance to keep power.  Chapman wrote, “Her husband presided over a boom, she’s been busy deposing dictators instead of destroying jobs, and she’s never been accused of being a pushover.” 

Well, some of that is sort of true I guess . Bill Clinton did preside over a booming economy …  created for him by President Reagan‘s policies.   But, I am not sure which dictators Hillary actually deposed.  that would be a lot for a Secretary of State to pull off.  Anyway, Obama single-handedly took out Osama Bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi … just ask him … he’ll tell you.

I guess there is no chance of getting Steve Chapman to support Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, or Rick Perry!  Too bad … that is more like what this country needs now!

I do wish that Obama would gracefully bow out and not run for re-election.  Or … he could just quit.  Personally, I think he should be impeached for treason; because I believe he has actively worked toward the destruction of this country so he could re-create it in his  version of an Obama lead “benevolent” dictatorship.  It is the only thing that makes sense when you really look at the steps he has taken:

  • Increased government intrusion into private sector.
  • Created his “Czarist” shadow government.
  • Imposed Obamacare on Americans even though the greatest majority of Americans opposed it.
  • Tried to impose “Cap and Tax” by imperial decree.
  • Instituted several “eSnitch” programs encouraging citizens to spy on each other for him.
  • Tax the private sector into submission.
  • Created massive new governmental regulation by “executive order” costing Americans billions annually.
  • Destroyed American jobs while supporting job growth in Brazil and Canada.
  • Consistently ignored the U.S. Constitution and actively supported suppressing individual rights.
  • Appointed administrative officials that are totally unqualified for their jobs based on their left-wing ideology.
  • Apologized to the “radical” world for America’s greatness.

He has done way more than enough damage to our country’s economy, destroyed the job market, irresponsibly increased the national debt, destroyed our country’s morale, and lowered our international standing. Obama does not believe America is exceptional.  He does not believe in private property.  He does not believe in limited-government. He does not believe in individual rights.  He is, perhaps, American by accident of birth; but he is not American in his heart!

In no way should this be construed as an endorsement for Hillary Clinton.  Talk about a lessor of two evils!!  She would do only slightly less damage than that which Obama has wrought on our great nation.  But then, even Dick Cheney said Hillary would, at least, be better than Obama!

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