The Real Story of Racism in Today’s America!

An attempt at a discrimination graphic.
An attempt at a discrimination graphic. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember how Conservatives are supposed to be racists?

As I look at the leadership of the Democratic Party, I see Howard Dean, John Kerry, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi.  They do have their “useful race-baiters” like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Barney Frank … but not too many senior black leaders.  The Republicans, however, have Michael Steele, Allen West, Herman Cain, Condoleeza Rice, Alan Keyes, and Clarance Thomas; but somehow we are labeled racist! The icing on the cakes is that, in the spirit of reverse racism, these intelligent, independent-thinking black leaders are labeled as Uncle Toms or Race Traitors by the left-wing liberal elitists, their biased media lap-dogs, and progressive or left-wing liberal blacks  … simply because they dared to step off the progressive-liberal plantation.

Real Hope and Change

Did you know that the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Christian Denomination in the U.S., formed during a pre-civil war split with Northern Baptists over the issue of slavery.  For much of the last century they supported segregation and fought civil rights legislation.  Traditionally and not surprisingly, in the past, there has not been a strong black presence in the Southern Baptist Convention.  These are many of the same folks Obama chastised for “clinging bitterly to their Bible and their guns.”  Can’t get much more conservative than that … can you?  Did you know they are on the verge of electing their first Black President … the Rev. Fred Luter, Jr.  The Rev. Luter is highly respected and admired as the man to lead the Southern Baptist Convention forward.  Rev. Luter’s rise within the Southern Baptist ranks has been a slow and steady process, the result of the dedication, leadership, and creativity that helped him turn a struggling inner-city church of 50 members into the largest Southern Baptist church in Louisiana based on weekly attendance. Now that is real Hope and Change, put forth by those evil, racist conservatives! Who would have thunk it?

Real Modern Racism: Obama gives $1.2 Billion given to black farmers.

I know this is an older story,  but somehow it kind of slipped under the radar of (translation: “was ignored by”) Obama’s lap-dog liberal media …  so I am trying in my own small way to bring the issue into the light.

Through the Department of Agriculture, President Obama’s administration authorized the use of $1.2 Billion of our tax money to go to black farmers as payback for years (decades) of discrimination. (Fox News, Nov 2010)  The Agriculture Department said that this “affirmative action” was necessary in   “addressing an unfortunate chapter in USDA’s civil rights history.”  In October 2011, a judge gave the government approval. (Huffington Post)

“This agreement will provide overdue relief and justice to African American farmers, and bring us closer to the ideals of freedom and equality that this country was founded on,” Obama said in a statement.

So my tax dollars are being given to black farmers in the name of freedom and equality?  Wait just a darn minute … Mr President!  Members of my family fought and died … serving in the Union Army and giving the ultimate sacrifice … their lives, in the name of freedom, liberty, and ending slavery in this country!  So, Mr. Obama, how is this “fair” to me?

The Democratic Party, which Obama is a member of, was the party that controlled the Supreme Court and pushed through the Dred Scott Decision supporting slavery and effectively defining black slaves as  personal property…  with no more rights than say … a shoe.  It was the Democratic Party that fought Civil Rights legislation tooth and nail until a Republican President enforced Civil Rights legislation with the National Guard.  George Wallace was a DEMOCRAT!  The KKK was made up of DEMOCRATS!

Either Black democrats don’t know their own party’s history … or are they, in fact, simply slaves on a new progressive modern plantation … a left-wing liberal utopia where their new masters give them “free Obama money” and in return they vote the way they are told?

Typical Obama action: Bypassing Congress

The real truth … Obama was again simply bypassing congress and using his cabinet appointees to enact policy and spend more tax payer money to buy future votes. It was, when you cut through all his fancy rhetoric, a simple power grab.

And as a final note, that judge that approved this, simply sanctioned and allowed for reverse discrimination in the form of money being given to people of only one ethnic background.

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