ObamaCare Property Tax?

English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...
English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pssst!!  Hey buddy … yeah …. you.  Wanna know a secret?  That’s right … another of Obama‘s “secret …. ssshhhhhh …. taxes!”  No wonder Pelosi did not want anyone to read the ObamaCare bill before they passed it “to find out what is in it.”  Did you know that it includes a new property tax?  That’s right folks!!  If ObamaCare is not repealed, and you sell your house after 2012; you will pay a wonderful new 3.8% sales tax on it?  That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home.

Wait just a minute?  The hell you say?  When and how did this happen?

I do find one bit of “poetic justice”, if you will, in this new secret Obama tax!  Yes …  you Occupy Wall Street folks … you 99% -ers;  this is a new tax on you!!   Yep!  That’s right … this tax is not just on the 1% club …. you, know those dastardly millionaires and billionaires who own businesses, create real private sector jobs, hire people like you and me, buy the stuff we make,  and otherwise stimulate the economy!  This tax is on you as well!  Obama is even screwing you … his loyal cool aid drinkers!  This is a tax on Joe the Plumber, Bob the Builder, Terry the high school teacher, Tommy the cab driver, Harry the hamburger flipper, and Buffy the Obama-zombie.

So, you weren’t aware this new property tax was hidden in the Obamacare bill … were you?  Well, don’t feel like the lone ranger, because … you aren’t alone.  There are many members of Congress that also weren’t aware of it (Remember, they did not have time to read it).   And … it was carefully concealed in a HEALTH CARE BILL; written by SEIU and ACORN,  and then shoved down America’s throat by Pelosi, Reid and Company … despite the reasoned objections of most thinking Americans.

For some reason, it doesn’t goes into effect in 2013.  Why 2013 … you might ask?  Could it be that …  it is because it wasn’t supposed to become public knowledge until AFTER the 2012 elections … when it would be too late … especially if Obama somehow gets re-elected!?  So, tell me,  is this the  “change you can believe in?”

Under the new HEALTH CARE BILL all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax. If you sell a $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax.  Simply put, this bill is designed to screw the retiring generation who often downsize their homes on retiring.  Thanks very much AARP!

So, I have to ask you … does this make your November 8, 2012 vote any more important to you now that we’re finally  finding out what’s really in Obamacare.

And don’t forget you pay that 3.8% even if you have no gain on the sale of your house.

And if you do happen to have a gain … your capital gains tax is going up from 15% to 20%  PLUS the 3.8% tax.  Wow! It just keeps getting better!

So, we are finding all these new secret, indirect, and otherwise hidden “Revenue Enhancements,”  and still Obama wants to raise taxes to fund more “shovel ready jobs” for his campaign bundler buddies, ohhh … and his family’s vacations and new ergonomic grips for his golf clubs!!

Have a nice day AND PLEASE …. VOTE!!

4 thoughts on “ObamaCare Property Tax?”

  1. Although I feel your pain and agree with your passion to get this guy out, your facts are not totally right. Only the gain, if any is taxable and it’s only if you make $200k/yr (single) $250k/yr (married). That’s quite different than the claim in your article. Just thought I would clear up the discrepancy.

    1. That is correct. I discovered that fact after having written the post. Sometimes knee-jerk reactions can come back to bite you I guess. It is true that the ObamaCare Property Tax affects the gain (value increase) on the property (hmmm … actually, there may be no worries of property value increases … at least not while Obama is in office!); and only for those who make more than $200k/yr )single) and $250k/yr (married). I do stand corrected. This in no way changes the fact that ObamaCare, now known as ObamaTax, was passed in a underhanded manner; and before anyone accept a few of Obama’s socialist cronies knew what was in it … because far too many Members of Congress voted on it before even reading it (Personally, I think any Congressman or Congresswoman who votes on legislation before knowing what is in it … should be fired. I mean, if you ran a business, would you want that person working for you? Really?). ObamaCare is still bad legislation and bad policy: It grows the government (regulation and bureaucracy), and is slowly destroying the healthcare industry. Add to that the $500,000,000 in new taxes, cutting $500,000,000 from Medicare (Wasn’t it conservatives who wanted to destroy Medicare … I am confused!), loss of jobs because small companies now cannot afford healthcare for new emplyees … the picture gets better and better! And so far, people cannot keep the old health insurance polices they liked … because insurance policies have already changed (not for the better) …. and, last but not least, health care costs are still going up … just faster!! But hey …. that’s OK …. cause don’t we get free condoms or something?

  2. Let’s tell the whole truth, not a misconception. That there is a new tax on sales of property is correct. The 3.8% number is also correct. However, it is not assessed on the total sale of property and primary residences are exempt up to a profit of $200,000 for a single person and $250,000 for a married couple. There are also other exclusions. Please don’t continue to try to frighten people with half truths, the tax is assessed on the profits over and above the criteria – so you and your wife sell your home owe $100,000 on your home, you sell it for $300,000 dollare realizing a profit of $200,000 – no tax, sell for $400,000 realizing a profit of $300,000 – you can be assessed up to 3.8% on the remaining $50,000.00 – $1900.00 tax with out other exclusions.

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