ObamaCare: Part 2

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So, aside from adding a new 3,8% sales tax when I sell my house (this is on top of the sales tax I paid when I bought my house), I wonder what else is in store for me that is deeply buried in the new HEALTH CARE BILL:

  • For instance, why should I have to pay for things I don’t need … or will never use?
    • I will neither need a pap smear, nor give birth. I don’t want a hair transplant, and will never use the alcohol/drug rehab plan.  I don’t need free condoms!   And yet,  I am forced to pay for this coverage under ObamaCare.  THe truth is I rarely go to the doctor and really just want major medical coverage. So …. how exactly does this new bill lower my premiums?
  • Does this new HealthCare Bill do anything at all to lower the cost of malpractice insurance?
    • I know several doctors and  malpractice insurance can cost in excess of $70,000.  How do doctors pay for this insurance … by raising fees.  On the other side of the coin,  ambulance chasing lawyers like John Edwards have nothing to lose.  Most cases simply get settled no matter how frivolous or ridiculous they are because doctors want to practice medicine and stay out of court.  Lawyers, on the other hand, have nothing at risk but their time.  They never have to pay court or legal fees. I think an easy fix would be that the  loser pays all court costs and legal fees of both parties.  That $70,000 malpractice insurance premium could then be drastically reduced, and the cost savings passed on to us. (I do not mean this to imply all lawyers are crooks … I also know some good lawyers with high ethical standards and real integrity!)
  • How exactly does ObamaCare lower my monthly health insurance premium ?  
    • Please explain to me how ObamaCare can possible lower premiums when insurance companies are now required to cover more things for more people  … while, at the same time, distributing free condoms, abortions, and “morning after” pills for all!  And … don’t give me your abstract, emotionally based, feel-good liberal platitudes based on fantasy math!  I want to see the real numbers!!!
  • If insurance companies are now required to cover all pre-existing conditions, what prevents people from canceling their coverage, paying the lower “fine/tax” as opposed to the sky-rocketing premiums caused by ObamaCare; and getting health insurance only when they need major medical care?
  • What will happen when insurance companies go out of business because they cannot compete with the government-owned health care monopoly?  Will the government option (can you say “single-payer system“) be the only option?  What then happens when our already nearly bankrupt government can no longer afford to sustain this system … hmmm sounds like what is now happening in France, Canada, the U.K., Greece, Spain, etc?  Ring a bell?
  • When the government has total control of how much a doctor (or a hospital) can charge for a procedure, what will that do to the number of people willing to enter the medical field as a profession.  Doctors average about $146,000 per year.  Hmmm!  Sounds like a lot to me … at least on the surface!  But, then they also incur a great bit of debt completing medical school; the average debt being about $150,000.  Our enlightened government is doubling the interest on student loans next month (another indirect tax perhaps?).  How do doctors pay back these loans making less and less for each procedure as dictated by Obama bureaucrats?  God Forbid, but what if Doctors are forced to join a government union like the SEIU?  So, putting all this together …. and then adding 30 million more people to the health care system, thereby vastly increasing demand; how does the supply side look to you?  Oh wait … I have the solution!  Free medical school for everyone.  Yep! It’s the second line … just past the condom line!
  • Can someone please explain to me (again … not by using emotionally based, liberal, feel-good platitudes or fantasy math;  I want the real numbers) how, when supply gets overwhelmed by demand,  rationing can be avoided?
  • What will happen to our now “single-payer” health care system coverage when the government, after going really, really, really, really broke; decides it needs to “contain” costs by instituting extreme austerity measures?  Will we have riots in the street like they had in Greece or France, as our entitlement-minded subjects (sorry, they gave up their right to be called “citizens”) vent their righteous anger at having to actually reap what they sowed?
  • What new “life-style laws” will soon be passed in the name of “protecting us” from ourselves?  Will we be allowed to buy two Hershey Bars per month?  Will the school cafeteria police raid our homes because our child had a turkey sandwich with mayonnaise on whole wheat bread (instead of the government mandated fish sticks with 2.5 celery sticks)?  Will hamburgers be mandated to be no larger than 2 .5 ounces of beef?  Will we be forced to eat our daily government required ration of 12 ounces of bean curd?  Will we be fined if we don’t utilize our weekly ration of free condoms?

Folks … it will be a brave new world! 

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