The Other Side of Racism

Indigenous Races of the Earth (1857), Josiah C...
Indigenous Races of the Earth (1857), Josiah Clark Nott and George Robins Gliddon implied that “Negroes” were a creational rank between “Greeks” and chimpanzees. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just wondering about something.  If, no matter how dishonest, misleading, or corrupt a president is, and no matter how badly his ideology-based policies are hurting the country and destroying the economy; you blindly stick by him because of his color … isn’t that also racism?

Racism is simply the most primitive form of collectivism.  Racism is about assigning moral, social or political significance based on a man’s genetic lineage … the idea that a man’s intellectual and character traits are produced and perpetuated by his internal body chemistry.  This means that, in practice, being a racist means that you judge your fellow man, not by his own character and actions, but by the characters and actions of his ancestors.

This sounds  exactly like what the University of Minnesota’s new racism campaign and many angry African-Americans do to white people.  Therefore, they may actually be guilty of racism in its most basic and purest form!

Racism ignores the single most important attribute found in Mankind, that one attribute that distinguishes Mankind from all other species indigenous to this planet … Man’s  ability to reason and make his own choices.

According to Ayn Rand:

The respectable family that supports worthless relatives or covers up their crimes in order to “protect the family name” (as if the moral stature of one man could be damaged by the actions of another) — the bum who boasts that his great-grandfather was an empire-builder, or the small-town spinster who boasts that her maternal great-uncle was a state senator and her third-cousin gave a concert at Carnegie Hall (as if the achievements of one man could rub off on the mediocrity of another) — the parents who search genealogical trees in order to evaluate their prospective sons-in-law — the celebrity who starts his autobiography with a detailed account of his family history — all these are samples of racism, the atavvistic manifestations of a doctrine whose full expression is the tribal warfare of prehistorical savages, the wholesale slaughter of Nazi Germany, the atrocities of today’s so-called “newly-emerging nations.”

“A genius is a genius, regardless of the number of morons who belong to the same race — and a moron is a moron, regardless of the number of geniuses who share his racial origin.”

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