3 Years and 8 Months: Still George Bush’s Fault!!

Blame George Bush
Another original Obama supporter’s idea: Blame George Bush …

walthe310 says:

George W. Bush did what you accuse the Obamas of doing and he did it first.

So …. what is your point? Is it that two wrongs make a right?  Sorry Dude.  That just does not wash!

George W. Bush was not a conservative Republican.  He would probably be considered a moderate, or maybe even a liberal, Republican.  Did he spend too much money?  Absolutely he did!  That is not an excuse for Obama’s tripling down on the same bad fiscal policies!  Especially after attacking Bush for excessive spending … even calling it unpatriotic (Obama’s words; not mine)!

And, by the way, the Tea Party is fighting for  “Fiscal Responsibility”  for the whole government!  That includes all Americans: African-AmericansWhite-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Italian-Americans, German-Americans, Indian-Americans, Iraqi-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Greek-Americans, American-Americans, Martian invader-Americans, Swedish Swimsuit Model-Americans, Conservative-Americans, and yes, even Liberal-Americans … which, according to Pelosi, Obama, Reid, and Debbie Wasserman-SHULTZ, etc;  makes the Tea Party racist!  Can you follow the logic in that?

Did George Bush use Executive Orders a bit too often.  He did!  Again, that does not excuse Obama’s tripling down on the same … or Obama’s creating a shadow government of radical Czars (his mostly communist cronies who answer to nobody), or Obama’s repeatedly by-passing the Congress to inflict increased regulation or bad economic policy by imperial fiat, or sneaking through legislation that the majority of people of this country had already rejected on principle.  Again … after attacking Bush … and calling Bush’s presidency imperialistic!  Bush’s imperialism pales on comparison to Obama’s!

So by your logic, we should excuse James Eagan Holmes who killed 12 and wounded 58 in Aurora, Co; because Jame Edward Plough killed 11 and wounded 6 in Jacksonville, Fl.

And finally, a major difference … George W. Bush did not actively seek to ignore or even destroy the U.S. Constitution, or to eliminate American’s individual rights by putting American citizens under the control of the United Nations, or to create an unsustainable socialist nanny-state by promising “free Bush money” to anyone foolish enough to drink the cool aid and vote for him.  Obama has done all those things and more.

So I ask you, when our country goes bankrupt … and you don’t actually get the “free Obama money” you have been promised by Our Anointed Emporer, Barack Hussein Obama; because he simply hasn’t got it … are you going to riot in the streets, smash windows, and burn small businesses and private property … like the entitlement-zombies did in Greece?  Are you still going to chant the same tired old mantra “Blame George Bush” because Obama did not keep his foolish and irresponsible promises to you?

You know …  I bet you will!

3 thoughts on “3 Years and 8 Months: Still George Bush’s Fault!!”

  1. O-M-G…Bush, a liberal republican? Really? That just goes to show how (extremely) far to the right you are.

    So let’s see- Obamas so called Czars? He has added, what, 4 over what Bush had created? Most of which were to deal with Bush’s economic and war messes…

    Obamas executive orders? Care to point out which ones haven’t been simple modernizations of previous executive orders by previous presidents- or directly dealing with things such as the economic crisis, the two wars, and the war on the terror- most of the latter from his first months is office? Or are you one of those that claim Obama has signed over 900 EO’s- when the truth is more like 130.

    And ah yes. Shall we talk about this congress? The republican controlled house setting a new record for failing to do anything? And the republicans in the senate setting a new record for filibusters- gridlocking a senate that doesn’t have the 60 democratic votes to end a filibuster and actually force discussion of the issues?

    and yes- the evil UN. Care to elaborate on just what evils you are talking about?

    1. O-M-G! Again …. you confuse the issue here. If your definition of “extremely to the right” means I think the country should live within its financial means … then you are right! If you think Bush was a “conservative” Republican then you show how extremely to the left you are. Bush was a big government republican and spent too much. You seem to like to ignore the FACT that Obama himself criticized Bush for his spending … right before he tripled down on it.

      If Obama only created 4 more Czars than Bush … then again … Obama took Bush’s mistake and increased it.

      As far as obama’s executive orders, here is a link to the Federal Register’s list of Obama’s Executive Orders (133 of them to date) since 2009: http://www.archives.gov/federal-register/executive-orders/obama-subjects.html. All presidents use executive orders, the problem occurs when Obama (OR ANY PRESIDENT) uses them to circumvent the checks and balances built into our system of government.

      The truth is Obama had a majority in both Houses for the first two years of his term. Contrary to liberal propaganda, the Republican House (since 2010) has passed about 30 jobs bills (The Jumpstart Our Business Startups, or JOBS, Act passed 390 to 23, a wide, bipartisan margin) which have never been acted on by the Senate (which is under Democratic leadership). And yes, since the Democratic Senate leadership has not acted in any kind of a bipartisan manner … filibustering to block more bad tax and spend legislation is the only tool left to Republicans to block more economy killing “tax and spend” legislation.

      Evils such as a the Law of the Sea Treaty which reduces the U.S.’s ability to protect itself and greatly reduces our territorial waters; or the ATT which makes the U.S. Constitution subordinate to the whims of the U.N. and attempts to circumvent American 2nd Amemdment Rights. The U.N. is a disaster waiting to happen … especially when terrorist nations are given support and legitimized. The U.N. just gives more corrupt politicians the chance to enrich themselves at the expense of hardworking Americans (we provide 22% of the U.N.’s budget and 27% of the peacekeeping budget) while the U.N. courts states like Iran and promotes delegitimizing Israel … America’s strongest ally in the Middle East and the only stable democracy in the region.

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