A Few Random Rantings

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Image via CrunchBase

So how many radical Muslims in Egypt and Libya actually saw this “insult to Mohammed” YouTube video? I mean … seriously … most of them don’t even have chairs … never mind internet access!  Why did the State Department apologize for America‘s Freedom of Speech before the riots and murders even occurred?  Why did Obama’s Ambassador to Egypt, Ann Patterson, forbid the U.S. Marines tasked with securing and protecting our Embassy to carry live ammo in their weapons.  Why wasn’t security beefed up at our Embassies in the Middle East on the anniversary of 9/11?  Isn’t it a strange coincidence that the riots resulting from this  video nobody even saw … until after the State Department apologized for it and radical Muslims attacked U.S. property and murdered U.S. citizens … happened on 9/11/2012?  Isn’t it really strange that Obama does not have time to attend a daily White House security briefing (according to White House records) or talk with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, but has plenty of time to party with Beyoncé’ and Jay-Z?  How many American’s would have stormed the Egyptian Embassy and murdered the Ambassador and his staff because a YouTube video was made by someone, “possibly an Egyptian,” portraying Jesus Christ in a less than flattering manner?

Mitt Romney had the only proper response to this latest assault on American property, the burning of its Flag, the replacement of it with the Al Qaeda flag, the murdering of its citizens, and the confused apologetic response of the Obama administration!  We know the liberal media will always support Obama and excoriate Romney … they are nothing but a gaggle of Obama supporters masquerading as news reporters!  But where was his support from his fellow republicans?  We know where RINO John McCain stands …   but where was John Boehner?  Is the republican elite really that afraid of Obama and his liberal media lap-dog?  Have they not even got any “collective” balls?  This is why, while I support Romney and will send him money, I cannot support the Republican party in general!  I do wish I could … but they need to man-up first!

You would think if a Cabinet-level Secretary violated federal law it would make the news, right?  Well, it sure would if she was a conservative republican!  It seems not however, … if she is a member of Obama’s cabinet.  Kathleen Sebelius did just that and the liberal media didn’t even say a peep.  The U.S. Office of Special Counsel informed President Obama yesterday that it  found his controversial Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius had  violated the federal Hatch Act back in February at a gala event for the Human Rights Campaign.  The Hatch Act forbids federal employees from engaging in partisan political  activity and Sebelius did just that in off-the-cuff remarks as the keynote  speaker in which she implored attendees to reelect Barack Obama!  Go figure!!

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