52% of Americans Wallow Happily in their Ignorance

So, what are you thinking about on this beautiful, sunny Pearl Harbor Day?  Yep, it is December 7th alright.  The birds are chirping, the squirrels are happily scampering around the park.  It’s Friday and the weekend is here! Four more years of “Hope and Change” just around the corner!  What is there to not be happy about?
Well, it’s often the things we are NOT told that sneak up and bite us in the ass ….!
And what is not in the news … thanks to Obama’s propaganda machine loosely refered to as the “Liberal Media”?  How about this little tidbit?  We only added about 146,000 new jobs in November.  And … we had 3.7 times that (540,000) drop out of the labor force.  Yet … somehow … miraculously … unemployment dropped from 7.9% to 7.7%.   Once again it’s Obama’s administration feeding us total BS and still the cool aid drinkers dutifully  lap it up.
Why is it total BS you might ask?  Paula Priesse explains it quite succinctly like this:
A company has 1,000 employees.  100 get the flu.  The company’s flu rate is 100/1000 or 10%.  But then 10 die from the flu.  The company now only has 990 employees (1000-10 dead)  … but has only 90 employees  (100-10 dead) with the flu.  So the company’s flu rate has mathematically dropped from 10% (100/1000) to 9.1% (90/990).  Is the company better off?  Of course not!  10 employees have died.  So, in the same manner, Obama’s unemployment rate drops from 7.9% to 7.7%, but only because 540,000 gave up  (died from flu) and therefore not counted anymore.  Is the economy improving?  Again, of course not!   America’s labor force participation rate is the lowest in over 30 years.
The only “new normal” here is that OBAMA KILLS JOBS!

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