Gun Control Advocates Pushing Hard to Create More Helpless Victims

Handguns prohibited
Handguns prohibited (Photo credit: Jim Carson)
The UK banned handguns in 1997. The ban on ownership of handguns was introduced in 1997 as a result of the Dunblane massacre, when Thomas Hamilton opened fire at a primary school leaving 16 children and their teacher dead. Sounds eerily familiar doesn’t it.
The last estimate I saw on cia world fact book (which granted … was a few years back) was 6 million illegal handguns in the UK. Contrary to what you read in Wikipedia (or hear in the American drive-by media), BBC reported that, “A new study suggests the use of handguns in crime rose by 40% in the two years after the weapons were banned.”
Research, commissioned by the Countryside Alliance‘s Campaign for Shooting, concluded that the UK’s existing gun laws merely targeted legitimate users of firearms … and did nothing to prevent criminals from accessing and using guns for illegal purposes.
The Centre for Defence Studies at Kings College in London, which carried out its own research, said the number of crimes in which a handgun was reported increased from 2,648 in 1997/98 to 3,685 in 1999/2000. These are facts and numbers … not emotion-based arguments.
Real numbers show that American states and cities that issue concealed carry permits see a real drop in violent crime; while gun-free zones merely provide good hunting grounds for sociopathic killers. Connecticut already had draconian gun laws in place … have you tried to legally own a gun in Connecticut.
The argument for gun control is based on emotions … fear; and  labeling … and then demonizing an inanimate object all the while ignoring the real problem; the deplorable state of morality in America and the refusal of society to hold individuals accountable for their own actions. The argument against stricter gun laws is based on real numbers and historical evidence.
Part of the problem is that too many people get their ” facts” from the liberal mass media, and so they only hear the demonizing. Yes, this horrifying incident in Connecticut was tragic beyond belief.  But many facts about the circumstances of the case are not being discussed.  Instead, we have liberals screaming for more restrictions and gun bans … and disarming law-abiding, honest Americans.  In reality, if they succeed, they will only succeed in creating more potential victims and will not impact criminals in the least!
By definition … criminals do not obey laws.

2 thoughts on “Gun Control Advocates Pushing Hard to Create More Helpless Victims”

  1. Gun laws need to be more liberal not restricted!

    What happened it Connecticut, Arizona, and Colorado happens everyday
    all across America. It happen at another school, house, neighborhood,
    and place imaginable in America. The issue hits home when it hits home and this should not be the excuse used to promote personal and not public agenda. I mourn for those lost, but I also mourn for those that took the actions of those that commend them in Congress by saying what if someone was armed to prevent the gunman from causing more harm. The more you read this blog than you can see why that philosophy would not have helped, but left another American stranded that should be a hero.

    I believe for the first time, Im ashamed that
    President Obama would use this one issue to be a stepping stone for
    gun control, when this issue has been relevant to many American
    families all across America that so happen not be in a movie theater,
    political rally, or elementary school when a loved one has been taken.
    However, in America, Im scared, just like so many other Americans, to
    pick up my gun and use it because a prosecutor and grand jury will be
    waiting for me with a second degree murder charge. I can be morally
    right and legally wrong for coming to the aid of others in Virginia
    because of someone else intent to murder people for no reason.

    In Virginia Beach, a security guard was found guilty for killing a patron
    who had fired shots in a nearby parking lot. Belmar testified, he
    swiveled around to see Spencer leveling a shotgun over the hood of a
    vehicle toward the parkway, over the heads of several of his guards,
    who were lying on the ground or scurrying to hide behind street lamps
    and gas pumps.

    Belmar fired twice, with one bullet killing Spencer and going on to
    wound his friend sitting in the driver’s seat. Spencer, too, had
    fired, damaging an uninvolved vehicle and injuring its driver, Bryant
    said, commonwealth attorney. The shooting occurred after Belmar and
    his fellow security guards broke up several fights at the nightclub
    Hangar 09 off Lynnhaven Parkway, according to court testimony. When
    the brawls spilled over into a nearby 7-Eleven lot, they followed in
    an attempt to cool tempers, testified several of the guards. Martin
    Bullock, Belmar’s attorney, said his client was trying to keep people
    safe in an unruly situation and had only a few seconds to decide what
    to do when he saw Spencer with a gun. “He acted reasonably under
    those circumstances,” Bullock said.

    Furthermore, the judge replied, During a two-day trial, the defense
    for Lester Ray Belmar Jr., 29, argued he fired on Darrel Eugene
    Spencer in a 7-Eleven parking lot the morning of May 21, 2011, because
    he feared Spencer would injure others, including his fellow security
    guards. But Commonwealth’s Attorney Harvey Bryant argued no one was
    in immediate enough danger to justify killing Spencer. Judge A.
    Bonwill Shockley agreed. “The victim’s actions hadn’t gone far
    enough,” she said, before finding Belmar guilty. “… I just keep
    thinking, ‘Why didn’t the defendant wait? Why didn’t the defendant

    Moreover, Im a firm believer in the castle doctrine and seeing more
    liberal gun laws. However, the laws should not be black and white but
    equal and liberal to all those that protect people welfare.

    Moreover, The case mention before sends me shocking chills to know that I could want to
    save lives, but loss my own because of defending others. The laws and
    minds of judges have to change to be color blind. The judge ask why
    he didnt wait a couple of seconds and the last I checked in these mass
    shootings, was all it took was a couple of seconds to take multiple
    humans beings.

    Lastly, Im all for gun rights, but babysitting by President Obama and
    the rest of the anti gun supporters, need to stop politicizing a
    tragic issue and start getting to work on making sure we have a right
    to defend ourselves locally and nationally. Republicans please stop
    saying God sanction murder of our
    children. The last I check my god is good, all of the time! There
    are not enough mental hospitals to keep America safe and we need as
    many competent and trained gun owners with laws that protect them
    being added to the Virginia and U.S constitution.

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