The Russian’s Are Coming!

I really do get a kick out of all the hysteria by the Democrats and the Media over Trump’s claim that the Obama administration bugged his campaign team. I mean, is it really that far fetched?  Let’s look at the historical record:

  • Who illegally bugged our NATO partner Germany’s chancellor?
  • Who illegally bugged the AP, a Fox journalist and the Fox journalist’s family?
  • Who lied about illegally holding the phone data for every Verizon customer in the US?
  • Which party raided the homes and offices of their political opponents to seize phones and computers under a John Doe warrant in Wisconsin?
  • Who raided the Gibson Guitar Company because CEO Henry Juszkiewicz made campaign donations to Republicans?
  • Who used the IRS to target conservative political organizations?
  • Who covered up Fast and Furious and Benghazi?

Is it really hard to imagine that the political party and ideology that was okay with doing all these ILLEGAL things would suddenly not be okay with bugging the biggest political threat to their future? Is it also really so hard to believe that they might misrepresent and combine criminal and national security information in order to bring down their biggest political opponent? It is not too big a stretch for me to make! Especially since we do know warrant requests were made to the FISA court by the Obama DOJ!

Despite the tearful hand-wringing of MSNBC’S Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, we do have the evidence of such a bugging. And it comes directly from the January 20, 2017, Late Edition, front page of the … wait for it  … The NY Times!


Another interesting point that some may have missed. Lost amidst the uproar over President Trump’s startling Saturday morning wire-tapping accusation, the ensuing battle of words over the whether the Obama administration would ever spy on the Trump campaign, and the Jeff Sessions recusal story, an elaborate narrative seems to have suddenly died.

You remember, the whole misleading claim that “Russians Hacked the Election” or that the “Trump Campaign Colluded with the Russians.” For some reason, the Democrats seem to be retreating from that narrative. I wonder why? Could it be that they are now suddenly afraid that, oopsies, the real truth will come out? Or have they again, just been outsmarted by Donald Trump?  Only time will tell ….

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