New Website … Author’s Page, Karate and Blog

A New Website

New websiteKind of exciting getting my new website up and running!  Parts are still under construction as you will see if you visit it. Some of the fill from the template I started with still shows up in places. I am not selling cookbooks and will get that stuff corrected as quickly as I can.


I am pretty busy these days. My novel is just about done and should be out this Fall as planned. I plan to sell my novel, Serpents Underfoot, through the website as well as on It will be available in paperback and hard copy with a dustcover. Eventually in Kindle format as well. I plan on having pre-orders for autographed copies.

Other Stuff

I am also doing a lot of work on book descriptions, fight scenes and editing for buyers on, so I got some help with my author’s webpage at

Mandyai_Amit is the seller I used. Very affordable and he got me off to a great start.  I would recommend him and have done so on Fiverr. I will be using his services again.

This Fiverr thing is pretty cool.  I actually started selling on Fiverr in December of 2016 and currently have three gigs.  I will write book descriptions (for book covers), martial arts fight scenes for novels, and I will do proof-reading / editing.  So far I have sold 4 book descriptions and have a Five Star rating!

Now, as far as the my author’s website, I can simply concentrate on modifications and improvements rather than the whole set up process.  I certainly need to add more content, get some new pictures and tweak a few items, but it is up and running with very little effort on my part.

My new website can be found at: Check it out and let me know what you think!

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