Book Review: Gallstones: Alternatives and Truths

Book_Cover_1Is gallbladder surgery lurking in your near future?

What about in your child’s future? Many younger people, even children, are having their gallbladders surgically removed. This is alarming trend … why is this happening?

Has the cholecystectomy become the surgery “de jour?”

I was contacted through Fiverr a few weeks ago by the author of this book, Olwen Griffin. She asked me to write a book description for her. We communicated several times during the process and she came across as very sincere in her efforts to share what she learned in her search for answers about her own diagnosis of severe gallstones.

Her book contains a great deal of good information about Gallstones, a condition that has become far too common today.  It also has good information on health conditions that are related to gallstones such as digestive issues, high serum lipids, leaky gut syndrome, coronary heart disease, Non-Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) and others.

The book traces the author’s personal experience and documents her extensive research on gallstones. It exposes the hidden truths about genetically modified food and other contributing risk factors to this problem. While documenting the author’s scientific research, this book also provides practical laymen’s guide to healthy living.  It contains extensive chapters on risk factors for developing gallstones, early signs and symptoms of the disease, creating a gallbladder healthy diet, and exploring the still controversial idea of gallbladder flushes.

Sources estimate 1,000,000 cholecystectomy operations are performed every year in the United States. Too many people believe the cholecystectomy is “minor” surgery … simple, quick and easy.  This author disagrees.  Griffin argues that, any time an organ is removed from your body, it is major surgery. And, like any major surgery … there are associated risks. While there are certainly many cases where a cholecystectomy is required, it now seems to simply be the default treatment for what may sometimes be a nutritional illness.

Griffin’s book contains indispensable information on gallbladder health, as well as links to great information about gallbladder surgery and possible alternatives. It is a fantastic resource for helping you make an informed decision.

Perhaps, with a diet change … you can keep your gallbladder.

The book is widely available in both English and Turkish. It will soon be available on



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