Singing the First Novel Published Blues

The First Novel Published Blues

thank you - First NovelSome lessons learned!

So I have made some newbie “First Novel” mistakes. They are lessons learned. Here is what I now understand.

Do not put your Kindle version out until you are completely and one hundred percent, absolutely sure you are done reviewing the written version!  You see, I edited and re-edited my novel online many times over. I was sure all was well and it was as good as it was going to get.  When done, I went ahead and published the Kindle version and … then ordered a proof copy of the paperback version.  When the paperback proof arrived, I discovered two things. A bunch of “new” typos and the cover was not all I expected it to be,

First Novel: The typos …

For the paperback, no big deal. I will make the corrections and re-upload the content and move on. I will also re-upload the content for the Kindle version. Those who have already purchased the first “release” will have these typos, and I must apologize for that!  Fortunately, there are not that many and I think it still reads pretty well. I guess if anyone has a serious problem, I will do what I can to make it right.  Good thing I only charged $2.99 for the Kindle version!  I will upload the corrected version ASAP!

First Novel: The cover …

The front of the cover is great!  I still love it. However, the text in the book description on the back looks like you are trying to read it after a few too many Margaritas!  It is a bit blurry. I tried to contact the person who originally did my cover, but it seems they are no longer in business.  So, I redesigned the cover myself using a handy tool provided by Amazon CreateSpace. It is similar … but not identical. However, you can read the book description on the back … which is a plus!

Finalizing the Changes

  • I am correcting the typos in the content of the paperback. I will make the same changes to the Kindle version.
  • Proof paperback once more with said changes.
  • Upload new cover and content to the Kindle version
  • Release the paperback.
  • Release the hardcover.

Onward and upward!


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