Two More Five Star Reviews for Serpents Underfoot!

Thank you for the Five Star Reviews!

Five Star ReviewsWow!  Two new Five Star reviews! Thank you very much to Danny Smith and Eric Ewald for their great reviews of Serpents Underfoot. It is one thing to publish a novel. It is quite another thing to have somebody actually read it and enjoy it enough to take the time to give you a review on Amazon!  That really does mean a great deal to a writer, especially an aspiring indie author like myself! So, my sincere appreciation to both of you!


Son of Serpents Underfoot!

For those who enjoy this first novel and are interested, I’m researching for the sequel to Serpents Underfoot!  Yes, there will be future adventures of JD Cordell and his fearless K9 sidekick, Ajax!  My mind is a sea of swirling possibilities, awash with brilliant plot ideas, and villainous characters! Well, okay … maybe I am getting a little carried away!  Let’s just say I am busy doing research for the sequel!

Return to Vietnam?

The whole situation with the fate of the Montagnards after the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam is both fascinating and tragic. They fought hard as allies of the American forces … especially the Special Forces teams.  In the end, after we left, they paid dearly for their support … subjected to the wrath of the victorious North Vietnamese, some fled. But, the North Vietnamese slaughtered thousands of them.  I feel I may need to revisit that in the second book.  Just one idea …

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