Reviews and Other Odds and Ends!

Great Reviews for Serpents Underfoot!

What awesome reviews! ReviewsThank you, Brad Glentrier, for the great review on my website.  I do really appreciate any feedback, both positive, and even negative! Positive because it feels good, and negative because it will help me to ensure the next book, will be even better!  That being said, if you have the time, and are willing, please also review the book on!  That would be very helpful to me.  Thanks again!!

Sales are good!

Serpents Underfoot UpdateHardcover, paperbacks, and Kindle versions are selling pretty well. I know it takes time and hard work to get the word out, get some good reviews, and increase sales, but I am happy with how things are progressing. Yesterday, someone I know who had bought the Kindle version originally asked me to sign the hardcover edition that had arrived from the day before. It was quite an honor and exciting to sign my first hardcover edition autograph!  It was actually kind of humbling!

New Exposure

My books can now be found at AUTHORSdb and on Pinterest!  I am just trying to get a little more professional exposure.  This is a very interesting and exciting journey. Headed to an Author’s Cocktail Hour at the Bond Brother’s Brewery here in Cary next Wednesday. When you go, you take a copy of your book to put on the book table. Then when you leave, you take a copy of someone else’s book with you. Sounds interesting!  I have had a few of Bond Brother’s beers at different locations and events around Cary.  Looking forward to it!

Shameless Plug

So, by the accounts of those who have read my first novel, Serpents Underfoot, it is pretty darn good. I am thinking you should order a copy!  Either a hardcover, paperback or Kindle version from Amazon or a sign hardcover or paperback from my website. My German Shepherd, Sophie, would greatly appreciate it!



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