My Tenth 5-Star Review and Why Does it Matter?

My Tenth 5 – Star Review … The Big Double Digit Has Been Hit!

tenth 5-star review

Wowsers! I just received my tenth 5-star review for Serpents Underfoot on Do book reviews on matter? I would say that depends on your goals. I have read that pursuing reviews for the sake of pursuing reviews is a waster of time. I am not sure of that. Perhaps, if you take it to an extreme …. I mean, after all, anything taken to the extreme can be bad for you. Even too much Rocky Road ice cream can have a negative effect. You can trust me on that one!

Your reputation and name recognition

As an author, your reputation is perhaps your most valuable asset. What people say about your books matters. It matters to other readers who may buy your book, tell their friends about it, or recommend it to other readers. And, just maybe give your book an online review themselves. Online shoppers often rely on reviews when deciding which products to buy. In fact, 93% of online shoppers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. So, if you are not already a Tom Clancy (which I certainly am not), and you are a new self-published author who is trying to stake you claim, I think good reviews are pretty darn necessary.

A Review Can Affect A Customer’s decision to purchase.

While I prefer brick and mortar stores, I do sometimes purchase online, often from I do like to check products out before I buy. Therefore, I do rely on customer reviews to help in my decision-making. Why should book buying be any different. I certainly have my favorite authors such as Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Alistair MaClean, Louis L’amour, and others. So, if someone recommends a book by a new author to me, I will often search on Amazon to see what other readers have to say about the book.

On another note …

In celebration of Memorial Day weekend this year and tin honor those who sacrificed so much for our country, the Kindle version of Serpents Underfoot will be available for download the entire weekend.  If you are a Kindle user, I hope you will take advantage of this and that, if you do, you enjoy the book!

So, back to the original point of this rather rambling post, I want to thank you, Name_Not_Returned, whoever you are … for giving me my tenth 5-Star review!

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