A Superhero Who Fights To Beat Cancer!

A Superhero Who Battles Cancer …

Billy Austin of the NFL
10 February 2013
Photo by Sugarmamaland

Dominic “Billy” Austin is a former cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts. And he is also a real superhero!

Austin was born on March 8, 1975, in Washington, D.C.  Billy graduated from Kempner High School in Sugarland, Texas where he stood out as an outstanding scholar and athlete. After graduation from high school, he received a full scholarship to play football for the University of New Mexico and was named all-conference defensive back his sophomore, junior and senior years.  Austin also has ten years of professional experience in the oil & gas industry. But, this is Austin’s alter-ego. His life has another mission. It is one he devotes a great amount of time to. And, it is one that is near and dear to his heart.

Dominic ‘Billy” Austin maintains a superhero approach to life.

In fact,  Dominic Austin really is a superhero.  Austin witnessed firsthand how the lives of kids are turned upside down when they learn they are diagnosed with cancer. Active in youth programs since he was a kid, Austin has seen the importance of helping young children overcome this horrible disease.

Austin, a cancer survivor himself, is now a creative philanthropist.  A few years ago, he received a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. Like a superhero, Austin fought back. During his battle, he decides to launch Tackles4Cancer, a non-profit organization with two primary missions;  assisting young cancer patients with transportation to and from their lifesaving treatments and infusing young readers with the faith that they have what it takes to beat cancer. Austin helps these young kids find their own inner superhero to help the win the battle against cancer.

Now cancer-free, Billy Austin has hosted over 20 event s with celebrities and has been featured as an inspirational figure for Beyonce’s BeGood Foundation. Austin currently resides in Houston, TX.

The Tackle Cancer Series

The Tackle Cancer series by Dominic “Billy” Austin tells the powerfully inspiring tales of young children who use their  own superpowers to defeat cancer.  Writer, creator, cancer survivor, and former NFL star, Austin wants every child to be a superhero.  He wants them to win their battles with cancer. He understands that probably the most important things we can is to provide hope, faith, and love for kids battling this horrible disease. Dominic created the Tackle Cancer series as a means to infuse young readers with the conviction that they have what it takes to beat cancer. Their stories can inspire other young children to find their inner superhero and go on to win their own battle!

If you are looking for a great cause to make a donation to, I would find it hard to find one I think is more worthwhile. I will be making a donation myself!  Click here if you would like to help Dominic Austin with his mission to help young children win their battles against cancer. They will even send you a cool T-shirt!

10 thoughts on “A Superhero Who Fights To Beat Cancer!”

    1. Hi Dutch, Neither had I. He started with the Colts the same year as Peyton Manning did (1998). Played three years and had a career record of 25 tackles. Not sure why he stopped playing.

    1. Indeed. I did a little writing for him and was just amazed by what he is doing. Thank you for your comment.

    1. Hello Sia,

      Yes! I think that what he is doing is inspirational and badly needed. Thank you for your comment.

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