Kindle Customers: Great Reviews of Serpents Underfoot!

Two More Great Reviews from Kindle Customers!

Wow! Serpents Underfoot just received two more great reviews from kindle customers! Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the book!

books by dc gilbert

Thank you, John Kemmerly, for the awesome 5 star review!

Seal Teams, Nuclear Bombs, and al Qaeda

Serpent’s Underfoot starts out in Vietnam with Cordell and Mia rushing through the jungle to warn an American patrol of an upcoming ambush. There’s a bit of romance and the characters are likable and well-drawn, but the story really takes off when al Qaeda, Iran, and North Korea, start talking about dirty bombs. There are American jihadists, corrupt politicians, knife fights, and a beautiful young woman named Fatima who decides to start killing the good guys. Plenty of building tension. A great read!

And, thank you, Kindle Customer, for your awesome 4 star review!

Good read, worth your time.

Enjoyed this book, good plot, good characters, and pretty good story line. I can tell there is at least one maybe two sequels. Looking forward to them in the future.

Serpents Underfoot is available online at in Kindle, paperback and hardcover editions. It is also available in paperback and hardcover from , Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. Personalized paperback and hardcover editions can be ordered here!

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