Biology of Bears: #1 New Release

Adirondack Bear Tales takes the #1 spot for New Releases in two categories!

Biology of Bears

I released my collection of short stories about true encounters with black bears in the Adirondack Park of upstate New York in Early December. A friend contacted me and told me he’d seen that it made the #1 New Release in the category Biology of bears! I was shocked and thought “no way!” So, I went and checked. I discovered it was actually the #1 New Release in two categories: Biology of Bears and Biological Science of Bears

Biology of Bears

In this category, Adirondack Bear Tales sits in both the #1 and #2 spots with the paperback version in spot #1 and the Kindle version in spot #2. It beat out 17 other new releases to take these spots. How cool is that?

Biological Science of Bears

Likewise, in the category Biological Science of Bears, the Kindle version sits in the #1 New Release spot beating out 4 other new releases. Certainly, it would be nice to reach best seller status in these categories as well!

Fame is fleeting!

I know sooner or later, another new release will come along and kick Adirondack Bear Tales out of these spots. That’s okay. Getting there is motivational and rewarding for me personally. Hopefully, I can keep working things and get on the Best Sellers list for these categories. In addition, the process of learning about Amazon categories and getting my books listed correctly will be very valuable moving forward.

Adirondack Bear Tales

Adirondack Bear Tales is a collection of 11 short true tales of encounters with black bears in the Adirondack Park of upstate New York. Most involve members of my family who have tented and owned camps at Raquette Lake for generations. It is short … only about 50 pages. I think this makes it a quick delightful little read when something like that is needed! Most of the tales are humorous, one is a little sad. All of them are entertaining. They are great stories for children of all ages and certainly make for some enjoyable, relaxing reading.

I know you will enjoy them to!

You can order a copy by clicking on this link!

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