The Montagnards: The Green Berets’ Secret Vietnam Warriors.

The Montagnards: The Green Berets’ Secret Vietnam Warriors symposium is Aug. 14 at 7 p.m.

Back in 2015, the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum hosted a panel discussion of the Green Berets’ Use of Montagnard Tribesmen During the War in Vietnam

I have been to Patriot Point several times and always enjoy touring the aircraft carrier. the USS Yorktown, and seeing the many naval aircraft on her deck, as well as the destroyer, the USS Laffey (which has an absolutely heroic history), and the submarine, the USS Clamagore (which I understand is destined to be sunk as an artificial reef).

I have done a great deal of research into the Montagnard people for both Serpents Underfoot and it’s “sequel in progress,” Montagnard. I am sorry I missed this symposium. It would have been interesting and helpful.

While really a short description of the symposium, there is also a good bit of information about the Montagnard people. Anyone interested in reading the article can click this link!

7 thoughts on “The Montagnards: The Green Berets’ Secret Vietnam Warriors.”

    1. They were an amazing people, tough jungle fighters, and ally to our U.S. Forces in Vietnam. They later paid dearly for it.

      I have a friend who was was a chopper pilot in Vietnam and he has nothing but respect for the Montagnards.

    1. It is a good question. But that was a difficult time in our history and an unpopular war, which led to some hasty decisions that,with a little hindsight, probably shouldn’t have been made.

      1. Very true. And, they have been loyal allies for many years. I wrote a paper many years ago (early 2000s) stating that in forming a relationship with Iraq, we should have been talking with the Kurds, not Saddam Hussein.

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