A Little Coronavirus Truth

Be careful reading this if you are easily offended.

Hey people!

This is a time for all Americans to come together. It is time to put aside petty politics and work together to get our country and its citizens through this Coronavirus crisis! You can go back to hating each other once this is over.

Anyway, that enough of that. I just had to get this off my chest. I do try to keep my personal politics out of my blog posts. But this should not be a political issue. Let’s stop making it one!

And I just decided I am not concerned if this post offends anyone. I think that if this post does offend you, you should ask yourself a solemn question. Why?

Also, I have a solution if you are still having trouble finding toilet paper. This is simple enough, anyone should be able to do it!

9 thoughts on “A Little Coronavirus Truth”

  1. Not offended and kinda like the lighter note of this post that reflected on how people combat Covid19. Like many others, I am curious why toilet paper hoarding. And I somehow found the answer (yet to verify the truth but it does sound reasonably believable). I was told that manufacturers of sanitary products will deploy their resources, raw materials and machines in the factory to produce masks and protective gears for medical uses. Hence “rumous has it” that the stock level of sanitary commodity will be greatly affected. Therefore resulted a mad rush over toilet paper hoarding. I would say 99% just follow the rat race, perhaps only 1% is the so-call “rationale buyers” or the “responsible triggers” of this panick buying. 🙂

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