New Book Review Page

I have done a significant number of book reviews over the years, and it dawned on me that they become too easily lost among the other blog post in a typical blog feed.

Therefore, I created a new book review page called DC’s Book Reviews and will display images of the books I have reviewed on the page. Each image will contain a link to that book review in my blog. I have been working on this for several days, and it is now ready to go live.

Voilà! A lot less searching.

I guess I’ve done about 40 or so book reviews. However, 16 have been added to date. I will keep working at this until all of them are on the book review page.

I do enjoy good books and reviewing them for other readers. However, lately, whenever possible. I have turned to audiobooks. I guess my eyes are getting a bit older, and too many years of working at the computer have taken its toll. Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy books, even with tired eyes!

While I only review books I have an interest in reading, anyone interested in having an honest book review done by me can contact me through my contact form. I will reply as quickly as I can.

Click here to view my new book review page. It is also a menu option a the top of the page.

Also, please check out Serpents Underfoot and Adirondack Bear Tales available on Montagnard is now in the hands of my editor and will be released later this summer.

Thanks for stopping by!

5 thoughts on “New Book Review Page”

  1. Hi Darren, this certainly makes it easier to check up on your reviews. I was pleased to see that Serpents Underfoot has some good reviews on Amazon and I wish you well with Montagnard. It’s a genre I’ve dipped into at times. As a young boy I was hooked on the Alastair Maclean novels – would you say yours are similar to those? Then now and again I love a Lee Child Jack Reacher book. So I have downloaded the sample for my Kindle. And also the sample for your bear book which sounds fun. Best wishes and stay safe and healthy!

    1. I was a fan of Alister Maclean as well and read many of his books growing up. I like some of the Jack Reacher stories as well. I am a big fan of Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn.

      I think Serpents Underfoot is a good story but being my first, is a bit rough around the edges. However, I learned a lot and Montagnard is much improved.

      I did tone down the language a bit and the bedroom scenes in Montagnard to appeal to a broader audience.

      Adirondack Bear Tales is just fun!

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment, Denzil.

      1. Yes I did see that review on Amazon about the (only two) bedroom scenes and liked your reply. Shame he rated it so low just for that reason. I’ll let you know how I get on with both.

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