Another Bear Tale!

Yesterday, while mowing the lawn …

I was mowing the strip of “weeds” that is part of the property along the creek on the Pine Croft Road. I had my earbuds in and was listening to music to drown out the noise of the lawnmower.

Suddenly a plumber’s van pulled up and stopped. The drive unrolled the window and yelled at me to get my attention. He was clearly quite excited.

I killed the mower and pulled out an earbud so I could hear what he was shouting at me.

“Did you see that bear?” he asked excitedly.

“Which bear?” I inquired.

“That bear that just crossed the road. You nearly bumped into him when you backed up with the mower! He was huge.”

I just shook my head. “Nope, didn’t see him. I was watching where I was mowing.” Then I asked, “Did the bear have a collar on?”

“I think so,” the plumber replied. “It looked like he might have.”

“Oh! That old guy is around here all the time. He’s pretty old and harmless … never bothers anyone. Just passes through.”

The plumber just shook his head in disbelief and rolling up the van window, continued up the road.

Must have been this guy!

He’s a pretty easy going old guy …

18 thoughts on “Another Bear Tale!”

  1. Last summer I saw a juvenile bear climbing a tree near Humpback Rocks Farm on the Blue Ridge Parkway. A guy near me called him a hang around bear beause the bear was just hanging around the Farm, mostly ignoring people. I got a great short video of him climbing a tree.

  2. I’m glad he’s allowed to roam around unbothered by humans, but that is going to be a story that plumber is going to repeat time and time again!!!

      1. I have heard some wild exchange stories on black and brown bears. All kinds of wildlife today are coming into the suburbs. That is scary. But I am sure they are coming for the fast food.

  3. OMG. I would have been scared out of my wits after hearing about the bear! On a lighter note, I am sure the bear had sneaked in quietly to learn how to mow a lawn from you! πŸ˜…

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