Tunes for Tuesday: Feelin’ Alright!

Okay, so even a hard rocker like me has a softer side. And just to show I am not just all about screaming guitars, leather, and heavy metal, I will introduce you to my softer side. We’ll start with a trip all the way back to Woodstock (the 1994 edition) and Mr. Joe Cocker.

Feelin’ Alright (Woodstock, 1994)

There is just something about Joe’s raspy voice, stage mannerism, and the way he belts out a song that just makes you feel alright.

Of course, if you jumped into a time-traveling hot tub, and went back to 1969 and the original Woodstock, Joe Cocker would be singing there as well. Same raspy voice (maybe just a touch less so), same stage mannerism, and all those hippie friends! It is clear Joe Cocker sings straight from his soul!

With A Little Help From My Friends (Woodstock, 1969)

And, I do have my romantic side. I really love Joe Cocker’s version of this classic song. Sometimes it is a little hard for me too listen to because it always reminds me of the amazing lady I somehow let get away. But, still … it is an amazing song Joe sings from the heart.

You Are So Beautiful (Loreley Amphitheatre, 1983)

Of course, maybe the secret to getting over that situation can be found in another Joe Cocker song …

Unchain My Heart (Limelight Club, Cologne, Germany, 2002)

Anyway, I have always been a big fan of Joe Cocker, his music, and the way he sings it. And, I’ll just keep on keeping on. After all, someday, maybe my baby will write me a letter.

The Letter (Berlin, 2010)

Or … maybe not.

Either way, life goes on. And besides, I still can listen to some really great music to pass the time.

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11 thoughts on “Tunes for Tuesday: Feelin’ Alright!”

  1. Great post! This walk down memory lane took me to the days of vinyl instead of MP3s, jacked-in and over-sized headphones instead of ear buds, and music that had real meaning and a much longer half-life. Thanks for that!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Brad! It sure is a different time now, isn’t it. I must confess, I do have earbuds, but my iTunes library is filled with classic stuff like this! 😎

  2. You are a guy filled with amazing memories. I just remembered my hifi stereo and playing Cocker songs repeatedly. Where did the albums go? Breakups and moves I suppose.

  3. Joe is one of my favorites. “Unchain my heart” is the one that got to me when I was going through my divorce. You can hear and feel the agony in his voice – so much passion. I also love “You can leave your hat on” but that’s a totally different mood.

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