Tunes for Tuesday: Everything’s Archie!

The Archies

The first rock and roll album I was given as a gift came from my Grandparents. That album was Everything’s Archie, released in 1969. They were a bit shocked when I pulled out my Steppenwolf album, Born to Be Wild. But still, it’s the thought that counts, and anyway, The Archies could rock!

The Archies is a fictional American band featured in the animated TV series, The Archie Show. Within the context of the series, the group was founded by Archie Andrews (vocalist/guitarist), Reggie Mantle (bassist), Forsythe “Jughead” Jones (drummer), Veronica Lodge (vocalist/keyboardist) and Betty Cooper (vocalist/percussionist).

Sugar Sugar (1969)

“Sugar, Sugar” is one of 16 animated music segments created to be shown on “The Archie Comedy Hour” on CBS-TV in 1969. The song was also included on The Archies’ 2nd album, “Everything’s Archie.” The single was released the same year and quickly rose to the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, where it remained for 4 weeks, giving The Archies their first gold record

Melody Hill

This was the B-side to the 45 that had Sugar Sugar on the A-side. Does anyone else remember 45 records?

This song was also on the Everything’s Archie album. You could cut the cardboard record with this song on it off the back of a Honeycombs cereal box.

Love Light (1969)

This song was always one of my favorites on the Everything Archies album.

Inside Out, Upside Down

From the album Sugar, Sugar – Greatest Hist released on 12/01/2010.

And for those of you who have never seen a 45 or listened to a song in MONO, here you are. Check it out!

Feelin’ So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y. – D.O.O.) (1968)

Now, that is definitely a trip bubblegum rock memory lane. It just doesn’t get much better than that for light-hearted, feel-good, fun rock & roll!!

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2 thoughts on “Tunes for Tuesday: Everything’s Archie!”

  1. I remember the record you could cut off a cereal box. Now that is what I call marketing. I don’t remember the show as much as I remember the music! What a throwback on a Tuesday! Well done!

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