Tunes for Tuesday: Ghosts of Christmas Past

My favorite Christmas memories are from growing up in North Adams, Massachusetts. A blanket of snow would typically cover everything, the Christmas lights twinkled and glowed everywhere, and as you walked up and down Main Street, classic Christmas carols were being played in all the stores and piped out into the streets. It was breathtaking, especially at night.

Then came the magic of Christmas Eve. As a family, we would walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church (now All Saints) for the midnight mass. It was cold; the air was crisp. Clean white snow covered everything, and the streetlights cast their light on the snowflakes that were often still falling. For a young boy, it was beautiful and truly magical and so, so special.

Anyone who reads my Tunes for Tuesday posts knows I enjoy a wide variety of music. But the Christmas music of yesteryear will forever hold a special place in my memories and my heart. So, take a few quiet minutes and join me as I take a little stroll down Christmas music memory lane …

Timeless Christmas Music Classics

White Christmas, Bing Crosby (1947)

The Christmas Song, Nat King Cole (Live Performance)

Merry Christmas Baby, B.B. King

O Little Town Of Bethlehem, Nat King Cole

O Holy Night, Andy Williams

Then every once and a while, you stumble on something new that gives you renewed hope for the future.

Over A Thousand People Came Together To Break a Record And Bring This Moving Christmas Hymn To Life.

The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir get together to sing “Angels We Have Heard On High.”

Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

25 thoughts on “Tunes for Tuesday: Ghosts of Christmas Past”

  1. Darren, this was lovely. I enjoy music and wish I could sing or play the piano better so I could make music near the level that I enjoy listening to it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. To a much better 2021.

      1. Did you know that there are some pagan roots in Christmas? As there are some of the other celebrations that Christians do as well.
        It says in Deuteronomy 12 that God said not to worship Him the way the other nations worship their gods. Have you considered this verse? If God doesn’t want us – His people – to be worshiping Him the way that other people worship their gods, and if Christmas is pagan in practice and root, then why do most Christians today worship Him in that way?

      2. Of course, there are.

        Much of Christian thinking actually predates Christ, but then God predates everything, doesn’t he … since he exists outside of time.

        While certainly divinely inspired, the Bible was written by men. Men who hand-picked what to include at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, led by Emperor Constantine who was a pagan until his death bed. Men always have agendas. What’s yours?

      3. I will choose my thoughts on it, here it goes.
        My thoughts on Christmas is really the symbolization behind it. have you ever thought what the Christmas tree symbolizes?
        Or what the wreath symbolization?
        You should do some research.

      4. Dude, I have heard it all before. This is nothing new. Besides, I never said I believe in Christmas trees and wreaths. I simply celebrate the birth of Christ. You need to get a life. Here endeth the Lesson.

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