Deep South Creations

Meet Brandon and Nicole Prince

After serving in the Marine Corps for 8 years and as a police officer for 2 years, Brandon Prince received the unfortunate news that, due to a service-related disability, he could no longer serve his community as a police officer. Brandon took the news in typical Marine Corps fashion and simply turned to another of his passions – creating art pieces for people to enjoy. His wife, Nicole, is a partner in this wonderful enterprise.

Located in Upstate South Carolina, Deep South Creations offer personalized, custom woodworking, beautifully crafted and sure to last for years, becoming family heirlooms.

Veterans Referring Veterans

I met Brandon while presenting at one of the Veterans Referring Veterans’ Thursday night virtual “Happy Hours.” I joined the VRV several months ago as a veteran author. The VRV is a great online directory and networking tool for validated veteran-owned businesses of all kinds. It turned out that Brandon likes to read, and I ended up shipping him a copy of one of my books.

Loyal For Life

My stories are action-adventure yarns involving military or retired military personnel and being a dog lover, include K9s. One K9 character, a Belgian-Malinois Trident dog, named Ajax, has become a real favorite for many readers. Ajax is quite a heroic animal and saves the day on many dangerous missions. After seeing some of Brandon’s work, I decided I wanted something special as a tribute to Ajax and other “non-fictitious” K9 service members. I talked to Brandon and what he came up with really blew me away. I absolutely love it!

Once he was finished with the piece, Brandon contacted me for my shipping address. But after being socially-distanced for over a year and learning he was only a couple of hours away, I asked if he minded if I picked it up. He didn’t mind at all. It was an excuse for a nice little “road trip” and a chance to meet two wonderful people and fellow VRV members.

Brandon and Nicole at Deep South Creations turn out some stunning work. There are wooden flags, duty racks, cut-outs, signs, etc., all created onsite in the shop behind their house. Unfortunately, I can’t display them all here in this blog post, so you need to visit them on their website, Facebook page, or Instagram! Deep South Creations offers discounts to active duty, veterans, law enforcement, and other first responders.

Do yourself a favor and check out Deep South Creations, and support this amazing veteran-owned small business.

5 thoughts on “Deep South Creations”

  1. It is great to see the VRV doing such meaningful work. I love Brandon’s concept for Ajax. I imagine it will be a welcome addition to your writing room. Heart-warming story!

    1. Yes. I am amazed and very pleased with what the VRV does. I am proud to be a member, and have found the membership to be compromised of great people still dedicated to both serving their communities and supporting other veterans in doing so.

  2. Lovely post. I have a title to recommend to you, which is probably not in your usual range. It is Ripper by Isabelle Allende because of Ryan Miller and his dog Attila. Attila is the ultimate hero in this tale. “We are introduced to Ryan Miller, honorably discharged Navy SEAL, and his service dog Attila; Indiana Jackson, a massage therapist and holistic healer; Alan Keller, aging feckless playboy; and many others.”

  3. I heard it as an audio book and generally found the book very enjoyable. Atilla is also a wounded vet who has several interesting additions. He was adopted by Ryan after Atilla was medically retired and the two still train together, at the Seal level despite Ryan’s amputated leg.

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