People and Personalities in the Dog Park

Check out this humorous observation about Dog Park aficionados! I can picture someone I know in nearly every category! 🙂

The Pet Sitter Compendium

Most people that attend the dog park are fun, dog-loving folks that follow the rules and pick up their poo. However, there are several remarkable character types to watch out for. Now, granted, some of these personality types may be found in any of your offices, jobsites, or interpretive dance classes. The dog park however, has several unique temperaments, and it’s particularly amusing when you see these traits shared by the dogs!

Personality Types
The Helicopter Parent is always hovering over their dog. These newbies truly have the best intentions. However, their inability to recognize escalation effectively thwarts playtime and frustrates other owners. I’m not sure what they are expecting from the dog park. Perhaps the dogs should light up some cigars and deal poker like in those old timey Coolidge paintings.

The Loner likes to graze discernibly in left field. Their earbuds are nature’s way of mitigating any attempts…

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2 thoughts on “People and Personalities in the Dog Park”

  1. I get this after just one visit to a dog park! In October we met our MN kids at an Owatonna dog park, where there were no playthings for 4-year-old Kate, just for dogs. We met the Know-it-all, who insisted on joining our small group and not realizing that all of us were from out of town. Even though it felt like there were too many dogs, he knew all their names, who their owners were, and insisted that we really should come after 4 on weekdays, that so many more come after work! He wore a military cap, but it was to honor his father who’d served, and he wanted to talk about that. We hadn’t seen our family in over two years, so managed to extricate ourselves from him!

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