A Well-Balanced Seminar

American Self-Defense Federation

What a great seminar last weekend. The seminar was planned by Senseis Steve Gower, Chris Moulinier, and Bob Noel, and was held at Balance Martial Arts in Morrisville, North Carolina, which was a great location. I actually lived about two miles from there for about three years, and never stopped by. That was my loss!

We had eight instructors covering nine different martial arts. Attendees included both children and adults, and I must admit I was flabbergasted by the wonderful behavior, attentiveness, and serious practice of all of the younger attendees. What a great bunch of folks. Everyone trained hard, asked thoughtful questions, and I think, came away a better martial artist.

Saturday’s Line-up

Chito-ryu Karate

Sensei Manuel Byers demonstrates bunkai from a Chito-ryu Karate kata.

Sensei Manuel Byers opened the seminar with a great session on Chito-ryu Karate by teaching one of their basic katas. Chito-ryu is a style of karate founded in 1946 by Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose. Sensei…

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