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2012 Election Votes Count … Please vote!

Al Gore
Al Gore (Photo credit: Livia Iacolare)


I find it very interesting that The Tennessean, a long time supporter of Democratic candidates and former employer of Al Gore, should come out endorsing Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The headline for their endorsement reads, “Time For Another Change.”


Hallerin Hilton Hill, on his morning talk radio program yesterday gave a much better answer to the young man who asked the opening question at the second presidential debate:


Mr. President, Governor Romney, as a 20-year-old college student, all I hear from professors, neighbors and others is that when I graduate, I will have little chance to get employment. What can you say to reassure me, but more importantly my parents, that I will be able to sufficiently support myself after I graduate?


I loved Hallerin’s 11 – point answer to the student’s question.  A caller added a 12th point.  I can’t remember all of them, but I will try and list some of them here as best I can remember:


  1. First , get the heck away from the negativity of those professors, neighbors, and others.  Who the heck are they to tell you that you cannot make it?  Stand on your own two feet and decide that your future depends on your efforts … not their negative perceptions.  Surround yourself with positive, supportive professors, neighbors, and others.
  2. Learn to communicate!  Be confident, shake hands, smile, look people in the eyes. Learn to talk like a thinking, educated adult.  I have never been to a job interview were I could sit there and text back and forth with the interviewer!  (Caller)
  3. Be excellent!  Always do your best work. Never be satisfied with doing any less than your best!
  4. Study now … party later.  If 50% of colleges students cannot find jobs after graduation, be sure you are part of the 50% who do!
  5. Pick a career-orientated program.  ORNL needs engineers!  They are importing them from India and China.  Get an engineering degree.  A degree in Women’s Studies, African-American History, Music Appreciation, or Hindu Underwater Basket Weaving, while possibly quite politically correct and popular with liberals, will not provide you with much of a chance at finding a good job!
  6. Dress well!  Look like a professional.  Dave Ramsey puts it like this … “Dress your wage!”


These few points I can remember … sound like some pretty sage advice to me!




French Socialist President’s Answer to Stimulate Economy

Socialist Party (France)

No wonder Obama admires France’s socialist President so much. The man is a economic wonder! France is, of course, broke. So, the French socialist President decides to lower the retirement age to 60. We all know that nothing stimulates a country’s economy like less people working!

Yet Another Obama Fantasy

Obama (Photo credit: art_es_anna)

Despite statements put out by the Obama administration and the liberal media‘s info-chicks, the economy is not recovering. A recent gallop poll show unemployment rose to 9%. The rate for the under-employed (those working part-time but want full-time employment) is 10%.

Combining the two rates gives us a realistic unemployment rate of 19%.  This is the number that would have been reported until Obama changed how the government counts unemployment to make his numbers appear better than they are.

Hmmmm!  And … how about those who’s unemployment benefits have run out and have simply given up on finding a job?  They aren’t counted anymore either!

Keep drinking the Cool Aid … like a bunch of drunken rats going down with the ship!

83% of Knoxville Voters Do Not Vote Yesterday

Knoxville held an election yesterday!   Hello!  83% of you did not vote!  This is part of what is so wrong with America today. Your vote does count! Madeline Rogero lacked 15 (Yep … 15!) votes of having a clear victory … Knoxville is headed for a runoff election.

You cannot help fix things if you do not get off your butts and vote.  Obama hopes you will stay home in November 2012.  As a nation, we simply cannot afford that … we cannot afford voter apathy!  Too much is at stake.

Are you going to fight for your country and exercise the RIGHT that literally thousands of Americans before us died to protect … or are you going to apathetically fritter away all your rights and responsibilities as a free Americans?

Obama And His Minions Just Simply Do Not Get It!

Image representing Solyndra as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Just when you thought you had heard it all, Obama reaches to disgusting new levels of “buck passing.”   Obama paused on his re-election campaign disguised as an effort to promote his “revenue enhancement” program disguised as the American Jobs Act; long enough to blame George W. Bush for the $535 million Solyndra scandal.  This is the lowest of the low.  While those involved are called to testify before Congress and desperately point fingers at each other, two thoughts come to my mind:

  1. If this administration (and yes, other past administrations) spent half as much time trying to be good stewards of the tax dollars they get from the American people as they do buying votes and furthering personal political careers, there would be no need to raise taxes or cut spending.  This mess we find ourselves in is clearly the fault of career politicians seeking power and personal gain by rewarding “friends” and punishing “dissenters.”  We need to return to the idea of “citizen-legislators” and good stewardship.  Can you say “term limits?”
  2. American tax payers want their $535 million back and those implicated in this “green power” scam brought up on charges. It has become clear that even before the government “stimulus” loan was made to Solyndra,  officials at Solyndra knew their company was going belly up.  In fact, they sent false “glowing progress reports” to the Obama administration even as they were keeping close tabs on their press coverage to block any bad publicity. 

As House Republicans begin to investigate Solyndra’s stimulus loan scandal, theyhave looked at emails between the White House and Solyndra officials.   WHile Obama had touted Solyndra as a “green jobs” success story thanks to a $535 million loan guarantee funded through the 2009 economic stimulus law, the emails show a different story.  They show a clear interaction between Solyndra officials and the Obama administration surrounding Obama’s visit to the Bay Area,  These emails  included “corporate gig” job offers as well as efforts to limit press coverage to friendly media outlets and reporters in an  attempt to generate positive press while squelching any possible negative press.  It is also clear theat the OMB warned Obama to wait until they checked Solyndra out … due diligence!  Obama would not wait … these were his cronies after all!  Looks like Obama was also warned by the OMB That Solyndra would go belly up … the OMB even got the month and year right … September 2011!  Obama, in typical Chicago-thug style politics ignored the OMB and pressured them into approving the loan.

Obama minion and DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, recently confirmed my long-held belief that progressive-liberals live in a make-believe world of denial and fairy tales.  Her asinine comment that the congressional seat held since 1923 (almost a century) by democrats is in “a very difficult district for Democrats,” should earn her the “dumb-ass” of the century award.  Bob Turner’s victory is simply a solid rebuke to Obama, his leftist policies, and his sycophantic cronies.  But progressive-liberals cannot see this fact, because they live in a socialist “dream” land where they are so much smarter than the rest of us and therefore, must take care of us.  It looks like the democrats, in typical underhanded fashion, will now simply try use gerrymandering to “re-district” Bob Turner’s  seat out of existence.

It does, however, look like the Republican party must be doing something right!  Left-wing pundit, Keith Olbermann recently stated that the Republican party is now the leading terrorist organization in the Unites States!  Yep!  That’s right …. surpassing even law-abiding gun owners, military veterans, Bible-clutchers, and yes … even the Tea Party!   Personally, I do not think I could find better company!!  Al Qaeda and Hamas need to get busy … if they want progressive-liberal democrats to elevate their respective organizations from “trusted allies” back to “terrorist” status.

In other news, Michele Obama has taken it upon herself to teach us poor dumb Americans what to eat … while she, of course, dines on only the finest in tax payer provided cuisine.  Michele Obama is certainly not doing “weight watchers!”  While I agree that it is sad so many Americans are overweight  … that is a matter of choice and personal responsibility and should not be another area of government intrusion into our lives.  I actually have seen more and more of my neighbors out swimming, walking, and riding bikes … and they are doing it because they want to be healthier … not because of some government mandate.

Surprise, surprise! Obama has resurrected his “internet Snitch brigade.” Do you remember when Obama came under fire for encouraging his supporters to collect and report any “fishy” information on his White House web site link flag@whitehouse.gov.  After widespread public outrage over his Administrations use of “useful idiot” minions to spy on their fellow Americans (a trick communist Russian dictators perfected), the White House quickly removed the e-snitch link from their Web site.  It seems, however, that Obama’s creepy monitoring program (on his new campaign Web site www.AttackWatch.com) is back … just in time for his 2012 re-election campaign.

It is so sad it is almost funny.  Obama insults, and pulls the rug out from under America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel (the only stable democracy in the area); and supports Israel’s mortal enemies … terrorist groups like Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood (who if they did not  have the Jews to try to kill, would be trying to kill us or each other).  Then on his AttackWatch site, claims Glenn Beck “twists the facts on Israel:”

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck added his voice to a growing collection of false allegations about the President’s record on Israel. “We’re talking a lot about Israel,” said Beck. “The President of the United States, I believe, has betrayed our last strong ally.”

Glenn Beck is simply stating his belief … a freedom we are all supposed to have under the U.S. Constitution!  Most Americans seem to agree with the assessment.  Look at the Jewish support for Bob Turner’s victory in last Tuesday’s special Congressional seat election in New York!

And where does the Obama camp get its “dirt” on Glenn Beck?  From clear-thinking, fair and balanced George-Soros-funded progressive-liberal media outlets like MoveOn.org, Media Matters, and ThinkProgress.org!  Hmmm!  Who would have thunk it?

New Obama Code-Words For Stimulus

Historical government spending in the United S...
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Harold Black had an interesting commentary in the Knoxville Viewpoint of September 4th edition of the Knoxville News Sentinel.   Basically, Harold Black, a professor emeritus of finance at the University of Tennessee, argues that Obama, because of his big government ideology, will simply advocate for a bigger stimulus package than the earlier $700 billion … because it was simple too small.  But Obama, realizing that the word “stimulus” will not gain much in the way of support from the public, the  House, or the Senate because of the dismal failure of the last stimulus (code-named “pork barrel”) package, will attempt to disguise it with code-words like jobs package, infrastructure renewal, etc.

I think Harold black is pretty accurate in his assessment!  In fact,  I argued the same point in a post on this blog just a few days ago.  The problem is that government “infrastructure projects” do not create sustainable jobs.  They create jobs that are funded by the government until they are completed or the well runs dry.  Then those jobs disappear and the workers are right back where they started from … out of work; and, by the way, our “well” is already running dry!

Real and sustainable job growth has to come from the private sector … and Obama is busy killing the private sector!  Things that would promote job growth in the private sector would be reducing personal and corporate tax rates, repealing Obama care, and getting rid of the endless regulatory burdens Obama’s administration shovels out by executive order.  Obama, after promising to cut regulations, is actually proposing 7 new $1 billion restrictions that could, in the end, cut $90 billion from the U.S. economy!!   By the way, for you conspiracy theorists out there … this is straight out of Saul Alinski’s rules for radicals!  Continue to publicly say you are doing one thing (cutting regulations), while doing the exact opposite (creating billions in new business restrictions).

Harold Black points to an interesting parallel between our current situation and what happened to Japan in the 1990s.  Japan initiated a series of expensive infrastructure projects to put Japanese workers back to work and boost their economy.  The result was that the Japanese economy declined as the spending increased.  According to Black, some observers credit the decline in the Japanese economy directly to their “squandering billions of yen on wasteful projects.”  The Japanese government also seem to forget that billions of yen would later have to be spent on maintaining these newly completed  “projects.”

The fact is that when Obama took office, he had super majorities in both house of Congress.  He and his cronies embarked on a spending frenzy that made George W. Bush’s overspending (that progressive-liberals so often like to point to) look miniscule by comparison.  As Harold Black points out, if out-of-control government spending did actually foster economic growth and job creation … both Japan and the U.S. would be booming today!

Like Wayne Allyn Root writes in his recent NewsMax article, there are actually two words Obama could use in his “jobs” speech this evening that would save this economy and perhaps this country.  These are two words that I would love to hear from him …. “I resign.”

All Conservatives are Crazy, Stupid, Racist and Evil SOBS!

Dan Gainor published this article on September 6, 2011 on FoxNews.com.  It is absolutely crazy how the progressive-liberals and their mainstream media lap-dogs castigate and spew their vitriolic lies about the Tea Party and American conservatives.  I think it is a sign as to just how desperate they are.  Here is Dan Gainor’s article in its entirety:

Conservatives are crazy. Sometimes they’re stupid, racist or even evil. On creative occasions they’re all four – at least that’s how they’re portrayed by the American media. All that reflects the typical lefty view that right-wingers are “son of bitches” who need to be taken out, as Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa so sweetly explained. Hoffa envisions a “good fight” because his opponents must be the opposite – evil.

This election season, journalists have partnered fully with the left to depict conservatives in the most vile ways they can muster. While it’s nothing new, the sheer volume of attacks is noteworthy. What’s worse is that many are coming from supposedly legitimate news operations. . (It is fun to note this nasty attack comes just days before Obama pushes his latest “bipartisan” legislative effort.)

Every national conservative politician battles these media characterizations. 

Ronald Reagan was crazy or stupid, depending on the lefty arguing it or the phases of the moon. Nancy Reagan was allegedly the power behind the throne, so she was crazy and evil. 

President George H.W. Bush once ran the CIA – evil. 

His son, President George W. Bush, managed to be crazy, stupid and evil. (Lefties liked to depict him in Nazi regalia or as a chimp, or both. Conservatives who use identical phrasing or images for Obama are, of course, category four – racists.) Vice President Dick Cheney got the Nancy Reagan treatment – crazy and evil.

It’s almost a party game to list the top conservatives and describe how the media and left are depicting them. But it’s no game to candidates. Prominent media outlets are trying to sabotage every viable conservative opponent to Obama.

Rep. Michele Bachman, (R-Wis.), is called crazy for her gas price predictions or for just being her. Newsweek’s Aug. 15 cover story on Bachmann was called “The Queen of Rage,” complete with a cover photo of a crazy-eyed candidate. “In Iowa, where she was raised, Bachmann has become the living embodiment of the Tea Party. She and her allies have been called a maniacal gang of knife-wielding ideologues. That’s hyperbole, of course,” wrote Lois Romano. When reporters write something that vile and follow it with “that’s hyperbole,” what they really mean is “no, it’s not.”

Then there’s ESPN’s L.Z. Granderson, also a CNN contributor, who called Bachmann “crazy.” Granderson said that “the people aren’t going to vote for crazy. And she [Bachmann] still registers as crazy with a lot of independents.” But those attacks were repurposing the lefty theme that has been around for years. Crazy Mother Jones magazine called her “Bachmann (R-Crazy)” in a 2008 headline.

With Bachmann now running for president, Matt Taibbi resurrected that assault in Rolling Stone’s June 22 issue. “Bachmann is a religious zealot whose brain is a raging electrical storm of divine visions and paranoid delusions.” Taibbi summed it up by saying she’s “exactly the right kind of completely batshit crazy. Not medically crazy, not talking-to-herself-on-the-subway crazy, but grandiose crazy, late-stage Kim Jong-Il crazy.”

Then there’s stupid, a subject the old school media know all too well. Politico, the lefty publication that caters to Washington insiders, ran an Aug. 29 cover story with the headline: “Is Rick Perry dumb?” This sterling bit of journalism began with the premise that Perry is “confronting an unavoidable question: is he dumb – or just misunderestimated?” (That last bit is a dig at Bush the Younger, of course.)

This theme has been everywhere for years, enshrined even in T-shirt form as a red-white-and-blue elephant with the slogan: “Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Numbers.”

Tune into MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” and there’s co-host Mika Brzezinski bashing the right for not hiking taxes in the debt limit negotiations. “I think the Republicans look stupid and mean. I’m sorry, this is stupid.” 

It’s a common theme over at MSNBC: conservatives are stupid. “Sarah Palin Has Proven Herself To Be Profoundly Stupid,” whined “Hardball” host Chris Matthews.

If it’s evil you want, Matthews throws that term around like beads at Mardi Gras. Let’s see: Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are evil: These people are evil in what they’re doing.” All because he thinks they’re wrong about climate change. Then Matthews bashed former Speaker Newt Gingrich as “evil” and looking “like the devil.”

The media pile on Perry as the front runner. ABC’s Jim Avila called out conservative Texans as evil, even if you didn’t quite use the word. “Some argue that, deep in the heart of Rick Perry’s Texas, there is little heart.” “Some.” That’s another journalist weasel word, allowing Avila to say what he actually feels without owning up. It’s the same theme over on the left, typically blasting the Koch brothers with the term. A 2010 Gawker headline explained it only a bit tongue-in-cheek: “Republican Billionaires Arrange Secret Meeting to Plot Evil.”

Those attacks are awful, but the scarlet letter attack in today’s world earns the “R” for racism. Matthews is good at that one too, saying Perry “could be Bull Connor with a smile.” Matthews gave the Bull Connor comparison to Perry twice. (Connor was a civil rights era racist who unleashed police dogs and turned fire hoses on protesters. He was also a Democrat.)

If you’re white, even a bogus claim of racism is almost impossible to defend against. It’s the favorite of charlatans and media hounds, and a persistent media theme since Obama first announced for president. Everybody who’s anybody – the Tea Party, Fox, the GOP and more – are all racists for daring to oppose Obama.

Donald Trump’s request to see Obama’s grades? “That’s just code for saying he got into law school because he was black,” explained CBS’s Bob Schieffer.

MSNBC’s lefty religious expert Frank Schaeffer tells viewers about “a racist white bloc in the Republican Party that has come dressed as the Tea Party.”

Even black GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain gets abused as “racist.” TV nutball pundits from foul-mouthed comedian Bill Maher to massively inked, one-time comedienne Janeane Garofalohave criticized his candidacy – supposedly designed to deflect “the racism that is inherent in the Republican Party, the conservative movement, the tea party certainly.” Garofalo actually claimed Cain was being paid to fend off charges of racism against the GOP. Of course, you can’t fend off such disgusting charges. Even a lunatic like Garofalo knows that.

Because such charges get repeated dozens, hundreds or thousands of times. The examples above are just scratching the surface. We could fill newspapers with these outlandish claims, if any bothered to print such truth. Crazy, stupid, evil and racist. The four horsemen of the liberal media apocalypse this election. And every one of them has already been set loose.