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Michelle Says: Being President … Reveals Who You Are!”

She is so correct in that.  I could not agree more.  I just can’t believe she actually said the at the Democratic National Convention!

Just look at a few of Obama’s broken campaign promises:

  • Cut the deficit (Obama called Bush unpatriotic for running a $4 trillion deficit … what does that say about his $16 trillion?)
  • Transparent government
  • No more pork

So where are we now ….

Administration                                              Bush                                       Obama

Unemployment   Rate                                   7.8%                                      8.35

Median Income                                              54,983                                   50,964

Gas Price Per Gallon                                     1.84                                        3.82

National Debt                                                 10.6 T                                    16 T

So, let’s see … to date 16 so-called green companies like Solyndra, have gone belly up after receiving free “Obama Money;”  costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

English: Michelle Obama
English: Michelle Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that’s hope and change we can all get behind … don’t you think?

No wonder Obama cronies are fighting the proposed Voter ID laws tooth and nail … they really do need North Carolina’s 30,000+ registered  dead voters to vote for him (I understand some of these dead voters actually have voted).  I mean, they even had to dig up a dead guy to bash Romney at their convention!

Can Anyone Else See Obama Smiling …..?

Barack Obama Text Message Marketing Screenshot 2
Barack Obama Text Message Marketing Screenshot 2 (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

Have you forgotten already? Or … do you remember Solyndra and Obama’s enlightened administration granting them a $528 million stimulus loan despite the OMB’s warning Solyndra would go bankrupt.  OMB even got the date right!

And … do you remember Beacon Power who got a $43 million loan guarantee from Obama.  Well, they also went bankrupt.

Now we have Ener1, who got a $118 million grant from Obama … and guess what … they filed for bankruptcy Thursday.

Do you see a pattern emerging here?  All three company were Obama bundlers or supporters!  All got millions of tax payer’s dollars as Obama touted them as leaders of the new clean and green energy industry his administration will “not walk away from!”  Well, they got the green and then they cleaned up … but the taxpayers got screwed!

This is the change you cool-aid drinkers voted for!   Crony-capitalism!  Inept and corrupt leadership! Let’s see … what else:

  • New home purchases fell in 2011 … making it the worst year for home sales in U.S history … despite Obama’s claims.
  • Obama’s new Labor Board chief is going to push union organizing rules!  No surprise here!
  • How about the 36 Obama aides who owe $833,000 in back taxes.  Tim Geithner would be so proud!
  • Did anyone else listen to Obama’s State of the Union speech’s key points … exactly the same as 2010 … slightly different wording.  Yet no improvement … why?  Because he is an arrogant, corrupt, anti-American, lead -from-behind fraud who is enjoying his many $4 million vacations and playing endless golf games at tax payer cost!  No wonder he wants to raise taxes!!

Read’em and weep suckers!

And what is happening with our conservative movement now? Why is everyone ganging up on Newt Gingrich and calling him unstable, a non-conservative, and an opponent of President Reagan’s policies, etc?  The truth is the Republican’s wouldn’t have been able to take back the House in the 90’s without Newt.  So why is he now being trashed so vehemently?  I will tell you why!  It is because the republican establishment has decided it wants to have Mitt Romney, a genuine phony conservative, as its candidate.

Romney, for his part, is trying to pretend he is not part of the Republican Establishment and is doing whatever he can to smear Newt by running dishonest negative campaign ads (Oops, I mean ads his Super PAC is running!).

They even came up with a bogus video to portray Gingrich bashing Reagan!

Let’s look at some real facts, shall we:

The charge that Newt’s resigned as Speaker of the House in disgrace is a smoke screen. He did resign and pay some fines for supposedly miss-classifying a college course he taught as tax exempt.  The charge was leveled at Gingrich as a last ditch effort by a political opponent Gingrich was defeating in an election. Nobody likes to remember that after Gingrich resigned … a thorough investigation by the IRS determined that Newt Gingrich actually did nothing wrong.

Two former members of Ronald Reagan’s political machine, Mark Levine and Jeffery Lord, have both gone on record as saying the assertions that Gingrich was a problem for President Reagan and not a Reaganite conservative are, simply put, CRAP!  If Gingrich had been as much a problem as Romney and others portray, he would most certainly have been mentioned in Reagan’s autobiography more than once.  These two guys were there!  They were in the meetings!  And they both say Gingrich was a strong Reagan supporter and a key team player.

If Gingrich were not, would First Lady Nancy Reagan, a lady of remarkable strength and personal integrity who strongly supported her husband, have praised Gingrich when speaking at the 1995 Goldwater Institute Dinner by saying:

“They believed that government should simply get out of the way. Ronnie and Barry fought for those principles, which, today, have been overwhelmingly embraced,” Reagan said. “So they must have done something right. Just take a look at the extraordinary men and women who make up the 104th Congress and of course its distinguished speaker, Newt Gingrich. The dramatic movement of 1995 is an outgrowth of a much earlier crusade that goes back half a century. Barry Goldwater handed the torch to Ronnie, and, in turn, Ronnie turned that torch over to Newt and the Republican members of Congress to keep that dream alive.”

The House, under Gingrich’s leadership did balance the budget 4 times, reformed Welfare under Bill Clinton, and did create strong economic growth and created over 11 million jobs.  Can Mitt say anything close to that?

And what about Mitt Romney?  Let’s look at a few more facts:

  • Romney’s own adviser Norm Coleman said that they wouldn’t be appealing Obamacare entirely.  Why?
  • In 1994, Mitt Romney did his level best to distance himself from President Reagan, calling himself an independent.
  • In 2002, when running for Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney clearly stated that he is not a partisan Republican and that his views were progressive.

Ron Paul is no saint in this picture either.  Remember when he resigned from the Republican Party in 1987, and actually did bash President Reagan saying:

If Ronald Reagan couldn’t or wouldn’t balance the budget, which Republican leader on the horizon can we possibly expect to do so? There is no credibility left for the Republican Party as a force to reduce the size of government. That is the message of the Reagan years.

I conclude that one must look to other avenues if a successful effort is ever to be achieved in reversing America’s direction.

I therefore resign my membership in the Republican Party and enclose my membership card.

I would really like to see the Republican candidates get beyond these personal attacks and negative ads, and concentrate on the issues.  If you go to their respective websites, they all have plans to fix the economy, or reform the tax laws, etc. posted there.  Why has no debate “monitor” asked the candidates about these plans?  So Gingrich made money selling his expertise?  So Romney is rich?  So what?  All the candidates have their flaws.  There is no perfect candidate out there!  Any one of these potential candidates would be better than Obama!!

Conservatives have to concentrate on one thing!  Defeating Obama!!!  Whichever candidate ends up winning the nomination will need the REAL SUPPORT of the other candidates and their supporters to beat Obama.  If this gets too nasty, and they take their toys and go home … Obama will win re-election.  In fact, I think that is what he is banking on!  America, as conservative know and love it, cannot survive four more years of Obama!

Obama And His Minions Just Simply Do Not Get It!

Image representing Solyndra as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Just when you thought you had heard it all, Obama reaches to disgusting new levels of “buck passing.”   Obama paused on his re-election campaign disguised as an effort to promote his “revenue enhancement” program disguised as the American Jobs Act; long enough to blame George W. Bush for the $535 million Solyndra scandal.  This is the lowest of the low.  While those involved are called to testify before Congress and desperately point fingers at each other, two thoughts come to my mind:

  1. If this administration (and yes, other past administrations) spent half as much time trying to be good stewards of the tax dollars they get from the American people as they do buying votes and furthering personal political careers, there would be no need to raise taxes or cut spending.  This mess we find ourselves in is clearly the fault of career politicians seeking power and personal gain by rewarding “friends” and punishing “dissenters.”  We need to return to the idea of “citizen-legislators” and good stewardship.  Can you say “term limits?”
  2. American tax payers want their $535 million back and those implicated in this “green power” scam brought up on charges. It has become clear that even before the government “stimulus” loan was made to Solyndra,  officials at Solyndra knew their company was going belly up.  In fact, they sent false “glowing progress reports” to the Obama administration even as they were keeping close tabs on their press coverage to block any bad publicity. 

As House Republicans begin to investigate Solyndra’s stimulus loan scandal, theyhave looked at emails between the White House and Solyndra officials.   WHile Obama had touted Solyndra as a “green jobs” success story thanks to a $535 million loan guarantee funded through the 2009 economic stimulus law, the emails show a different story.  They show a clear interaction between Solyndra officials and the Obama administration surrounding Obama’s visit to the Bay Area,  These emails  included “corporate gig” job offers as well as efforts to limit press coverage to friendly media outlets and reporters in an  attempt to generate positive press while squelching any possible negative press.  It is also clear theat the OMB warned Obama to wait until they checked Solyndra out … due diligence!  Obama would not wait … these were his cronies after all!  Looks like Obama was also warned by the OMB That Solyndra would go belly up … the OMB even got the month and year right … September 2011!  Obama, in typical Chicago-thug style politics ignored the OMB and pressured them into approving the loan.

Obama minion and DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, recently confirmed my long-held belief that progressive-liberals live in a make-believe world of denial and fairy tales.  Her asinine comment that the congressional seat held since 1923 (almost a century) by democrats is in “a very difficult district for Democrats,” should earn her the “dumb-ass” of the century award.  Bob Turner’s victory is simply a solid rebuke to Obama, his leftist policies, and his sycophantic cronies.  But progressive-liberals cannot see this fact, because they live in a socialist “dream” land where they are so much smarter than the rest of us and therefore, must take care of us.  It looks like the democrats, in typical underhanded fashion, will now simply try use gerrymandering to “re-district” Bob Turner’s  seat out of existence.

It does, however, look like the Republican party must be doing something right!  Left-wing pundit, Keith Olbermann recently stated that the Republican party is now the leading terrorist organization in the Unites States!  Yep!  That’s right …. surpassing even law-abiding gun owners, military veterans, Bible-clutchers, and yes … even the Tea Party!   Personally, I do not think I could find better company!!  Al Qaeda and Hamas need to get busy … if they want progressive-liberal democrats to elevate their respective organizations from “trusted allies” back to “terrorist” status.

In other news, Michele Obama has taken it upon herself to teach us poor dumb Americans what to eat … while she, of course, dines on only the finest in tax payer provided cuisine.  Michele Obama is certainly not doing “weight watchers!”  While I agree that it is sad so many Americans are overweight  … that is a matter of choice and personal responsibility and should not be another area of government intrusion into our lives.  I actually have seen more and more of my neighbors out swimming, walking, and riding bikes … and they are doing it because they want to be healthier … not because of some government mandate.

Surprise, surprise! Obama has resurrected his “internet Snitch brigade.” Do you remember when Obama came under fire for encouraging his supporters to collect and report any “fishy” information on his White House web site link flag@whitehouse.gov.  After widespread public outrage over his Administrations use of “useful idiot” minions to spy on their fellow Americans (a trick communist Russian dictators perfected), the White House quickly removed the e-snitch link from their Web site.  It seems, however, that Obama’s creepy monitoring program (on his new campaign Web site www.AttackWatch.com) is back … just in time for his 2012 re-election campaign.

It is so sad it is almost funny.  Obama insults, and pulls the rug out from under America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel (the only stable democracy in the area); and supports Israel’s mortal enemies … terrorist groups like Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood (who if they did not  have the Jews to try to kill, would be trying to kill us or each other).  Then on his AttackWatch site, claims Glenn Beck “twists the facts on Israel:”

Conservative pundit Glenn Beck added his voice to a growing collection of false allegations about the President’s record on Israel. “We’re talking a lot about Israel,” said Beck. “The President of the United States, I believe, has betrayed our last strong ally.”

Glenn Beck is simply stating his belief … a freedom we are all supposed to have under the U.S. Constitution!  Most Americans seem to agree with the assessment.  Look at the Jewish support for Bob Turner’s victory in last Tuesday’s special Congressional seat election in New York!

And where does the Obama camp get its “dirt” on Glenn Beck?  From clear-thinking, fair and balanced George-Soros-funded progressive-liberal media outlets like MoveOn.org, Media Matters, and ThinkProgress.org!  Hmmm!  Who would have thunk it?

Obama Works Tirelessly 3.5 Years to Destroy America!

Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, New Jersey
Image via Wikipedia

Well, we learned how Obama is going to fund his jobs (and I use the term loosely) act!  Higher taxes!!  Half a trillion dollars worth! Of course, in his jobs speech it was going to be fully funded by cutting spending  … who would have thunk!  And, his taxes are on single earners making over $200,000, and couple and small business owners making $250,000 per year.  Like this is wealthy?  Maybe it is in East Tennessee, but it is middle-income in Los Angeles, New York City, and Connecticut!   And the extra taxing of small private-sector business owners who create 70% of the real job growth, and funneling that money through the federal bureaucracy (making sure their pensions and benefits are safe) and sending the rest out the back door to give temporary jobs to union (NEA) workers who support Obama’s political agenda is corrupt Chicago political machine politics at its best!!

But … hey … for three and one half years, Obama has been tirelessly working; doing what needs to be done to fundamentally transform this great county into a shadow of its former self … a giant, centrally mismanaged, self-loathing, apologetic, socialist nanny state that Michele Obama can be proud of.

Truthfully, if Obama had worked tirelessly at what he has been “actually” doing … we would be in deeper shit than we are now!  Fortunately, he and Michele have mostly been living it up like royalty; jet setting around in separate jets, taking extravagant tax payer funded vacations, playing endless rounds of golf, redistributing tax payer money to their cronies, and attending lavish fund-raisers.

So why do we need to fund still more “shovel ready” construction jobs on roads, bridges, and schools?  Isn’t that what the last “porkulus” package was supposed to do?  Oh yeah … I forgot … that $1 trillion went to …. ummm  …. ummm … can anybody tell me? 

Oh yeah!  To fund green energy projects like Solyndra.

 (OBAMA MAY 26, 2010: It’s here that companies like Solyndra are leading the way toward a brighter and more prosperous future).

Well, the owners of Solyndra have a “brighter and more prosperous future.”  That is for sure.  Somebody got the $535 million Obama gave them just before they closed their doors!  Anybody hear anything about that from the liberal, drive-by media?

Yep! Simply another reason we don’t need the federal government handling American job growth.  We need to take the handcuffs like excessive regulation, the Obamacare abomination, and ever soaring taxes off the backs of small business owners  and let them expand their businesses and hire people!  Small businesses create jobs that do not need the federal government to steal money from medicare, social security, and tax payers to fund!  I know … it’s so hard to grasp the concept;  especially when your real agenda is simply increasing government power or if you are a useful idiot who can’t think past the progressive-liberal brainwashing that our public school system has forced down our kids throats for the past 30 years or more!

Sorry folks, it is not the federal government’s job to give your kid a musical instrument so he can play in the school band … that is the parents job!  It is not the federal government’s job to remodel schools in local communities, that is the local government’s job.   It is not the federal government’s job to tell you what to eat, think, read, listen to, play, watch, say, drive, ride, or otherwise do!  That is your job!  Be a man (or a woman … don’t want to be sexist here!). Make your choices … succeed or fail … but accept the responsibility for your choices … good or bad!  You can always try again.  That is freedom!  That is liberty!  And … that, my friends, is what America was once all about! 

Finally, many American’s are waking up and catching on to  the progressive-liberal elites that are tirelessly working to turn America into a nation of mindless morons (sheeple) that they can control and thus reap the benefits as the “benevolent American aristocracy.”   And, as more Americans awaken … Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop.  Perhaps that is why he recently blocked the deportation of 300,000 illegal aliens … he may need them as voters in November 2012!